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Just filled my Lunette cup twice in the space of an hour (poss tmi)

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WeeMadArthur Tue 25-Oct-16 18:29:56

I usually have a normal-ish period, the whole thing would fill a menstrual cup, so I was a bit surprised today when mine overflowed not once but twice in under an hour. The loo looked like a scene from Carrie, it's a good thing that I'm on holiday in an apartment with tile floors instead of sat at work as I needed to get straight into the bath to wash the blood that had run down my legs off. I'm sat here in anticipation of it happening again, with a night time towel as well as the cup in, and sitting on a towel (just waiting to have to explain that to DS!)

I'm not sure if this is the first signs of menopause (I'm 43) or if it's something I need to see the doctor about when I get home or if it's just something that happens to women occasionally and it's just never happened to me before.

GoldenWondering Tue 25-Oct-16 18:33:45

My periods went unbelievably heavy when I started perimenopause. I wound up severely anaemic as a result. I would keep an eye on the situation, and if they continue to be very heavy go to your GP. Hope it eases off for you soon as it doesn't sound like a fun way to spend your holiday flowers

WeeMadArthur Tue 25-Oct-16 19:42:45

Hi GoldenWondering, what age were you when that happened, and what did the GP do for you?

EmmaMacGill Tue 25-Oct-16 19:48:41

My mum was like this when she was perimenopausal, unfortunately her GP wasn't particularly sympathetic so she didn't get any help for it. I have a few friends who swear by the merina coil from late 30's early 40's.
I've had a hysterectomy so can't comment, do you have any other problems? back pain, needing to urinate more often, heavy craps or dragging pain?
As Golden commented you need to get checked out for anaemia too if you're losing that much blood

GoldenWondering Tue 25-Oct-16 19:52:09

I was 37 when it started. I was back and forth to the doctor for ages having blood tests, transvaginal scans etc. Once they had ruled out anything serious I went on the mini pill (mirena didn't agree with me) which stopped my periods. I was worried about my bones/heart due to the early menopause but they don't treat you unless you have night sweats which I don't. I can stay on it until I am 50, but because I don't have periods, I won't know when I have gone through the menopause.

Stopping the bleeding has been the best thing for me. was soaking through super-plus-extra tampons, plus pads, and if I stood up I would bleed right down my jeans to my knees. I would use a packet of each in a day, easily. Had to give up on the menstrual cup, which I had used until then. Just to be able to go out and know I am not going to experience this flooding is wonderful.

WeeMadArthur Tue 25-Oct-16 20:07:29

Emma,my bladder is the size of a walnut anyway! I have had back pain this weekend but put it down to the journey here with a heavy backpack. I'm not on any contraception so will look into the coil or mini pill,although I gave up on the pill after DS because I never remembered to take it. I am a bit squeamish about the thought of coil though. Probably unreasonably. I can't imagine this level of bleeding happening when I'm in work, I was absolutely covered in blood, and there's no way I'd manage to clean myself up enough in one of our loos

EmmaMacGill Tue 25-Oct-16 20:13:45

The only reason I ask is because I suffered <unknowingly> with fibroids for years, they can press against your bladder causing you to need to wee more frequently.
Fibroids are benign and usually quite harmless but in the wrong spot or if they grow larger they can cause particularly heavy periods and with lots of clots.
There are lots of causes for heavy periods but peri menopaus is definately one of them. Do seek treatment because it is available and you shouldn't have to suffer but unfortunately many GPs still see it as one of thosee things women just have to put up with

OvOntToSuckYourBlood Tue 25-Oct-16 20:19:27

My periods are so heavy they've made me badly anaemic. Saw my doctor just yesterday and I've been given Tranexamic acid to take during my period. Apparently it should lessen the bleeding a lot.

The doc suggested the pill or the coil but I'd prefer not to go down either path if I can so crossing my fingers the tranexamic acid works.

WeeMadArthur Tue 25-Oct-16 20:23:52

I have to go in for a smear soon (have been putting it off) so I will see what they suggest, thanks for all your help, and cross your fingers for tonight!

oleoleoleole Tue 25-Oct-16 20:45:02

Sounds familiar. I ended up having a hysterectomy.

My periods got heavier in my late 30's and by early 40's I was like you are. Went everywhere with spare clothes and wet wipes and it became a monthly nightmare. Tried pill and coil, neither worked, I bled continuously, although not as heavy. In the end I begged for hysterectomy and it's changed my life.

Go to docs and explain what's happened, then keep a diary and go back if they become problematic. Whatever you do don't put up with it! My womb was healthy, I had no fibroids or anything to cause it so don't worry about it being serious. Some of us are just unlucky!

chattygranny Tue 25-Oct-16 20:50:31

I also had this in peri-menopause and also when thyroid was failing. Definitely worth a blood test which will show your hormone levels.

WeAllHaveWings Tue 25-Oct-16 21:21:25

I had this once at work, had a super tampon in and a pad as backup and suddenly felt damp. Stood up to go to loo and seat was bright red with blood blush. Thankfully I was wearing black trousers and a long top. Also luckily we'd just changed from fabric chairs to black rubber grid type chairs which were cleanable a few days earlier!!

Tucked seat under desk and went to loo and as carefully as possible lowered knickers and it was horrendous, there was blood everywhere, on the toilet seat, floor, knickers, trousers, down legs, tampon and pad totally soaked. Did a quick tidy up, padded up with toilet tissue. It was 1/2 day finish anyway so just packed up and drove home, thankfully car share bloke was on holiday so I was alone (used my dogs towels in car to protect the seat, they were sodden by the time I got home).

Went into work super early on Monday to clean my seat.

It only happened once, about 18 months ago so I never went to the doctor, but I am terrified of it happening again and I'm constantly in the loo checking now, get anxious about it in long meetings. I'm 47.

WeeMadArthur Wed 26-Oct-16 17:37:59

Oh god, WeAllHaveWings, that is my worst fear, that it will happen again in work and I'll have to get through reception to the loo with a trail of blood behind me. I already only wear black or navy trousers to work during my period after flooding twice earlier this year (once in Morrisons on the way home from work, which had wiped from my memory until now). Looks like something to stop the periods completely is the way to go.

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