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Pregnant, pre-schooler, pox and shingles... help!

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Signoritawhocansway Mon 24-Oct-16 18:01:11

Wondering whether anybody medical can advise please.

I'm pregnant (26 weeks) and my Dad lives in a care home. He came down with shingles this time last week. Thankfully, we hadn't visited him as usual last Monday, so the time before that we visited was Thursday 13.10.16.

I have never had chicken pox, so I spoke to my midwife, who arranged for me to have a blood test, and the results have come back today. The Docs receptionist said they were 'normal', so I asked her if that meant I was immune to CP and she said yes, as anti-bodies were detected. Or do I need to double check that with the Doc?

So - am I safe to visit Dad, or not? If I wasn't pregnant, I assume I would be safe if I'm immune to CP... would that be right? My little boy (3) comes with me and he's not had CP yet. Does that mean it's not safe for him to visit?

I'm quite anxious that I've not seen him for over a week. I know he is happy, and not feeling too bad as he's got the anti-virals, and that he's being well cared for (but still has the rash). But it's the 1st anniversary of my Mum dying on Thursday, and I had hoped to be able to see him - when WOULD it be safe? Once his rash has gone? I'm keen not to risk anything though, as my DS was born at 27 weeks, and I'm not a fan of taking risks with this pregnancy!

Thanks in advance

dementedpixie Mon 24-Oct-16 18:03:28

Shingles only transmits chicken pox with direct contact with fluid from the blisters so if the rash is covered then it wouldn't be an issue. It is not airborne like chicken pox.

LIZS Mon 24-Oct-16 18:04:13

The risk of catching cp from shingles is low, unless you have direct contact with the rash.

dementedpixie Mon 24-Oct-16 18:08:07

Also if the blisters have scabbed over there will be an even smaller chance of anything being passed on. If you are immune then there isn't a danger anyway

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