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Broken Toe

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Polkadotties Sat 22-Oct-16 22:48:31

My horse stood on my foot earlier today. The toe next to the little toe is purple and it's painful to walk on. I'm guessing it's broken, felt something go crunch as he did it. Is there any point going to a&e, they can't really do anything for it can they.

KP86 Sat 22-Oct-16 22:52:11

I'd suggest urgent care tomorrow rather than A&E tonight while would take forever, because while if it's a minor fracture they won't be able to do anything, if it's been shattered they might want to take further action.

Good luck.

LucyFuckingPevensie Sat 22-Oct-16 22:52:13

Don't think so, I shut my foot in a train door not long ago, pretty sure I broke my middle toe. It hurt for a while but is fine now. Nhs website was helpful.

KP86 Sat 22-Oct-16 22:53:09

Which** would take forever

LucyFuckingPevensie Sat 22-Oct-16 22:53:18

I think KP might be a bit more sensible than me. I am a bit slapdash when it comes to medical care.

VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Sat 22-Oct-16 22:53:38

No, there's not much they can do. However, a horse can do a lot of damage,so it may need looking at. I'd go to the walk in clinic rather than A&E (no pun intended....) .

Polkadotties Sat 22-Oct-16 22:55:42

I'm in bed now and no chance of getting out grin will see how it is in the morning and will go to a&e if I think it needs it.

Polkadotties Sat 22-Oct-16 22:56:50

My nearest walk in is the a&e. I've only had him 3 weeks!

VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Sat 22-Oct-16 22:59:18

Oh yes, tomorrow - unlikely to be urgent for tonight unless you think the toe isn't getting any blood to it.

LucyFuckingPevensie Sat 22-Oct-16 23:01:01

I think a&e is fine tomorrow seeing as you're in a stable condition.

Polkadotties Sat 22-Oct-16 23:13:47

No it's definitely getting blood to it, nice and bruised and hot!
Like the pun lucy smile

LucyFuckingPevensie Sat 22-Oct-16 23:18:53


38cody Sun 23-Oct-16 02:05:29

Don't you need to act really quickly with breaks as they start setting so quickly - I would go, they might just bind it to ensure it sets correctly.
I did a massive skid in bathroom this eve as son had soaked floor with shower - fell flat on my back - toe hit wall - maybe broken- hence still awake at this time - a&e for me in the morning.

Polkadotties Sun 23-Oct-16 08:58:17

Toe this morning. Can't really weight bear on it. Excuse the chipped nail varnish, I get gels on my finger nails and keep forgetting to buy acetone free to do my toes haha.

zen1 Sun 23-Oct-16 09:04:46

10 year old DC broke the same toe as you last weekend. Took him to out of hours walk-in the following day when the bruise started to travel up his foot from the base of the toe (like yours is beginning to do). They don't bother x-raying, but bound it to the toe on the left and told him to avoid PE / sports activities for 3-4 weeks. They said it was important to keep trying to walk normally on it though. Hope yours is better soon.

Polkadotties Sun 23-Oct-16 12:17:15

I'm going on holiday in a few weeks, will get lots of rest then. I've got an office job and drive there so thankfully not much walking during the day.
However still have to ride and lunge my horse

Polkadotties Sun 23-Oct-16 13:57:03

Update. X-rays were inconclusive, was shaded but no obvious break or smashed bone. It's now even more swollen and purple. Nurse strapped it up for me

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