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Pelvis Infection - not PID?

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OwnBrandTissues Fri 21-Oct-16 13:53:25

I have NC for this, my friends all use MN. I just need to offload, I guess.
After a lot of investigation last week the hospital said I have a suspected pelvis infection. The doctor said he had, at first suspected it was part of a tampon which had come away and been lost or perhaps part of a coil but following examination after examination and transvaginal scans nothing could be found. No signs of cysts, bowels, bladder, ovaries and uterus normal. No damage to anything apart from scaring on a Fallopian tube from a different issue.
My infection markers are very high and I am in severe lower pelvic pain and displaying flu like symptoms (fever, exhaustion, collapse, sweating, muscle ache, vommiting).
After lots of investigation they came back to say they can only treat it as a pelvic infection, he didn't think it was "traditional" PID but that is how he is treating it (discharge letter says "Deep pelvic pain with normal TV USS. Suggest treat as PID"). I had IV antibiotics (ceftriaxone), co-codamol and have been sent home with 14 days worth of antibiotics (metronidazole and doxycycline) and told to phone ward and be admitted if my temperature goes over 39. To be honest I'm more confused than when I went in. Having googled pelvic infection, everything comes back as pelvic inflammatory disease, I can't seem to find any information about a pelvis infection - PID seems to cover it all - however he was keen to stress he didn't think it was that. I am so confused.
I have been on the medication for nearly a week, my flu like symptoms are getting worse, the pain is much deeper but my temperature hasn't increased and I suspect even if it did they would be funny about admitting me because frankly they can't find anything wrong other than pain and raised infection levels.

LarkDescending Sat 22-Oct-16 00:11:01

Do you have any bowel symptoms (painful movements, constipation, trapped wind)? If so did they rule out bowel issues such as sigmoid diverticulitis?

LarkDescending Sat 22-Oct-16 01:08:52

Just to add to my previous post - I am not a medic but have very recent inpatient experience of acute diverticulitis. The core pain is deep in the pelvis but it can also cause pain in the bladder and suprapubic areas, in addition to fever & upper GI symptoms. Probably it is not the answer to your case, though, as the antibiotic regime is much the same as you have described and barring rare complications you'd be getting much better, not worse, after almost a week of treatment.

Hope someone more knowledgeable can help you get to a resolution.

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