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Removing breast cysts during pregnancy

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babynelly2010 Thu 20-Oct-16 15:57:05

I had a cyst under my nipple since stopping breastfeeding 2.5 years ago. My gp ignored me twice with it saying there is nothing to worry about. I got pregnant with my third, mentioned to my mw who send me back to gp and suddenly a panic settled in. I was refered to breast clinic and was told my wait will be long, I got appointment a week later. While in clinic I was told I will be screened with ultrasound and next thing I know I am getting fine needle biopsy on ultrasound table. The biopsy came back with atypical cells and I was told that I will be seened periodically until baby is born and cyst will be surgery removed after. It will not be done now as it will disturbe breast feeding for sure. Anyhow, I had a moment to think and think that I would rather have this thing out now and not run a risk of my 3 children growing up with out a mother than worry about breast feeding. Anyone had surgery on breasts while pregnant, would you share and advise?

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