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Possible prolapse following forceps delivery

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Lamby80 Thu 20-Oct-16 13:47:54

I am hoping someone can reassure me. I had a forceps delivery almost 4 weeks ago. Obviously had an episiotomy for this I have been told that I am healing well with regards to stitches etc. In the last week or so though i have felt a fullness in my vagina. I was brave enough last night to have a look with a mirror and a feel around and it looks like I have a prolapse just inside. When I tried to insert a finger, it wasn't painful but it was very tight and I could feel lots of bulges, the point that I sort of had to navigate around them to go in further. Does this sound like a prolapse? I am so upset. I had asked for a c section as I had an emergency one for my first son and this time around the baby was back to back and I didn't want any complications so thought it easier to have an elective cs. I was talked out of it by the consultant and I am now kicking myself that I didn't push it further. I feel totally battered down below and the thought of ongoing problems makes me want to cry again - though I have been crying on and off all day anyway. Has anyone else had this and can they tell me what happened? I am going to push for a referral to a gyne at my 6 week check but what should I expect? After this I do not want anymore children so would surgery be an option? I am doing my pelvic floor exercises to see of it helps.

Sunshineonacloudyday Thu 20-Oct-16 13:52:15

I had a forceps delivery I had no problems after apart from feeling a bit sore. I would go and see your doctor as that doesn't sound good and you're still in pain.

Sunshineonacloudyday Thu 20-Oct-16 13:54:02

Do you want to be sterilised that would involve a small operation.

Sunshineonacloudyday Thu 20-Oct-16 13:57:49

I was still sore below at 6 weeks its an operation they done. I was thinking when I was going to have sex again. Even after 19 months I still feel like I cant jump in case everything will fall out of me.

Lamby80 Thu 20-Oct-16 13:58:45

I'm wouldn't mind being sterilised but more importantly I would like my vaginal walls all pushed back into place somehow!

Mozfan1 Thu 20-Oct-16 14:02:52

You're still quite early on in the healing process op so don't stress yourself out. I had a straightforward vaginal birth, didn't even tear, and I was no where near back to normal for a long long time afterwards. Everything had stretched and accommodated a baby coming out of you, so let things heal and calm before you do too much investigating. And leave doctor Google alone, it will only wind you up even more. Congratulations on your new baby, no worrying and jus wait and see for your 6 week check. Let us know how you get on op flowers

Pradaqueen Thu 20-Oct-16 14:06:14

I had exactly this and I'm afraid it was a prolapse sad. I did have the op but frankly it hasn't really worked and I'll have to have it redone at some point. The only issue for me has been it is very difficult to use Tampax as the walls push everything out.

I do feel for you. My plan also was to ask for a c section but I got talked out of it by the team at the time in the hospital confused

Go and see someone to get it confirmed one way or the other. flowers for you.

Mozfan1 Thu 20-Oct-16 14:07:07

Prada flowers

conscientioussuicidee Thu 20-Oct-16 14:07:20

I had this problem at 4 weeks ish. I was mostly told to leave it as it was still early days. Hellish as I felt like my bladder would fall out of me when I stood up!
It it improve on its own but then I later had physio (electrical stimulation). Once I stopped breastfeeding and hormones got back to normal it all got much better.

I didn't have forceps but I had an 11lb baby!

Hang in there !

Sixisthemagicnumber Thu 20-Oct-16 14:09:05

You had a baby 4 weeks ago son not surprised you look battered down there. It takes more than 4 weeks for things to start resembling normal again. A lot of women so suffer some degree of prolapse but as long as it isn't the worst degree kegels will help it quite a bit.

Pradaqueen Thu 20-Oct-16 14:11:34

Thank you mozfan.

The advice if you think you have a prolapse is not to use any sort of weights or electrical stimulation without supervision so be careful. I speak as someone who bought everything to try and fix it before surgery!

Fauxgina Thu 20-Oct-16 15:54:33

I had a prolapse after the birth of my first baby via forceps although I have some physical quirks that means I was more likely to have a prolapse than others.

At my 8 week check up I mentioned it to my doctor and he referred me to a gynaecologist. He assessed me as having a moderate rectocele and cystocele but even months after birth I didn't have any symptoms or complications aside from difficulty using tampons.

The gynae was very happy at the idea of me having more children and just advised me when I was finished creating my family I could get repaired.

A lot of prolapses are able to be improved just by physical therapy and doing your pelvic floor exercises. Also a lot of women can wear a pessary which will really improve symptoms, sensation and help when carrying baby around etc.

After my second child my prolapse worsened much more and actually I'm still doing ok and don't really pee when I sneeze etc.

You've only just pushed a baby out so you're bound to be feeling different and swollen. They can't assess fully what you're like until 9 months after birth, or 6 months after breastfeeding when your hormones kick back in properly.

If you're regularly upset and weepy, see a HV or a GP and talk it out flowers

Imstickingwiththisone Thu 20-Oct-16 19:59:13

Oh I feel for you OP. Ive just come to general health for a similar reason.

First DC was large and a long labour that required an episiotomy and forceps. Afterwards I knew these heightened the risk of a prolapse and my mental state wasnt great. Felt a bulge near the entrance of my vagina and went to GP absolutely devastated but was happily told it was all in my head.

Feelings of something not being right came and went but I put it down to paranoia and purchased a kegel8 machine to try to help me both mentally and physically.

Im 6 months pregnant with DC2 and so havent used kegel8 machine since I got pregnant. Have had a terrible cough for about a week now and I definitely have a prolapse. The bulge is blocking my vagina and I can constantly feel it. Its not painful and if I insert my finger I can squish it out the way so I'm hoping it won't affect sex. But the sensation of it being there makes me want to cry.

Im seeing the consultant re pph in last pregnancy and im going to beg for a section. I don't think I could force myself to push knowing how much damage it will do to me.

Sorry to be all doom and gloom OP, I totally get the shock youre feeling right now. I hope things improve for you as your body heals.

pizzapop Thu 20-Oct-16 20:08:50

Okay you're 4 weeks post a forceps delivery, things are bound to feel different down there. Do your kegels and keep an eye on things but please don't panic. I had a similar full feeling after my dd and things looked pretty odd down there but everything is fine now. Just please don't stress cos it may well be unnecessary.

Runningupthathill82 Thu 20-Oct-16 20:16:53

I had this and yes, it was a prolapse (a severe rectocele, to be precise). I've now had surgery to correct it and, so far, everything is going very well with my recovery.

Don't panic though. This is very common and it's early days yet. Chances are it might go away on its own as you recover from the birth, or it might be successfully treated with physio.

Best of luck. You're not alone flowers

Sunshineonacloudyday Thu 20-Oct-16 21:07:02

My periods was a lot heavier than before I had him. It felt like the first few days everything just falls out of me.

MeOnSea Thu 20-Oct-16 21:22:14

flowers I too had a forceps birth and a prolonged pushing stage and went through what you described, along with some urinary continence issues. The combination really worried me and I ended up contacting my local NHS physio, as I'd been in the system antenatally.

Anyway, I wanted to say I understand how you're feeling. I was fortunate to get a fantastic women's physio who gave me loads of practical and emotional support.

Although not wonderful, things are much better than they were in the weeks post-birth. Progress was slow-ish, but definitely slowly and steadily improved, and definitely got better once I weaned.

Anyway, just wanted to say, don't be shy in seeking support: there's stuff they can do pre-surgery as well as surgically. I haven't been brave enough to investigate the surgical route yet, but there is support out there

No1KnowsWhatTheyreGettingInto Sat 22-Oct-16 14:50:36

Did you tear as well as have the episiotomy? I had forceps, episiotomy and 3rd degree tear and suffered a rectocele as a result.

Where I live, because I had a 3rd degree tear, I automatically got referred to a physio. I think my first appointment with her was about 10 weeks after I'd given birth.

It took nine months of very disciplined pelvic floor exercises, plus I did some pilates classes alongside the physio (with physio's blessing) - I told my pilates teacher about the prolapse and she gave me specific exercises to do.

After a year, I'd pretty much healed. It took a long time and a lot of work but it really is much better now. So don't feel too hopeless. Go and get checked out and depending on the type of birth injury you have, it's very possible to fix things non-surgically.

Imstickingwiththisone Sun 23-Oct-16 19:21:02

How are you doing OP?

Ive had a miserable, tearful weekend to be honest. Wish I could be proactive about helping my prolapse but instead am 6 months pregnant and still with a hacking cough so things can only get worse. Feeling very sorry for myself right now!

Lamby80 Sun 23-Oct-16 23:48:31

Thank you for all of your responses. It's helpful to hear about other people's experiences but also sorry that others are going through this. Rubbish isn't it?!
I am feeling ok actually. I was a little tearful yesterday morning but I have been keeping busy with the DC that has been helping.
I called the gyne / obs that I was in contact with during my pregnancy and hopefully will have an appointment within the next month or so. I am hoping he can tell me whether it is a prolapse and if so, severity etc as well as treatment options. I hate waiting around but in grand scheme of things it's not too long.
I'msticking, I hope things improve for you. Do you have any obstetrician appointments throughout your pregnancy? Maybe you can ask them the process of getting referred immediately after the birth?

Imstickingwiththisone Mon 24-Oct-16 12:49:13

That's good that you are able to go direct to gyne, lamby. I have an obs consultant appt this week for other reasons but will be telling them I want a c section so will see what happens there. Hadnt really thought that obs consultant would be able to help as they only do baby things but I guess it's all linked. If that doesn't get me anywhere I have an appt booked with GP so I can request a referral that way. Was hoping it would be sooner but im hanging on for a specific Dr.

My DD is poorly today so we're both off.I actually feel a little better and can't feel it as much (til I have a poke around) but I could feel it constantly over the weekend so this is an improvement.

Addictedtohotbaths1 Mon 24-Oct-16 14:09:55

Sorry you are going through this - I had the same experience and did indeed have prolapses which required surgery. I would strongly recommend you find a good private women's health Physio (prob about £30 - £40 per session) they can assess you fully and help you to maximise your pelvic floor. Unfortunately I didn't see one until 3 years post the birth and she explained it's in the early days / weeks when nerves can be stimulated before some of the damage is irreversible. Why women don't get automatic referral after traumatic deliveries I've no idea but it might save the Nhs a lot of money in the long run...

WiMoChi Tue 25-Oct-16 16:37:14

I had prolapse after fetal blood sampling and a horrendous labour.

I had a tough time from it for a few weeks but totally back to normal now.

Due in 5 weeks now so dreading what's next 😥

Blondeandinept Tue 25-Oct-16 16:40:47

I hadn't a ghastlynprolapade. Really bad. I thought my sexual life was over.

The consultant said to give it six months and focus on pelvic floor exercises. I was so skeptical but turned out he was absolutely right.
Totally fine now

Imstickingwiththisone Tue 25-Oct-16 20:24:51

Well I saw my GP today and was sent to hospital as the head was so low. I totally crapped myself and was so worried about the baby that it put the prolapse into perspective for a short while. Baby was checked out and is fine, thankfully. My prolapse has now been confirmed as a uterine. I wasn't expecting that tbh as the bulge didn't feel like my cervix so I thought it was cystocele / rectocele but now I realise its perhaps the sagging of the vaginal walls cause by the uterine prolapse further up. I dunno... Its all guess work. Surgery was discussed and I had to ask for a referral for physio which seemed a bit daft. Midwife said I should've been referred after first birth due to trauma nevermind that I raised it with them as a problem.

People say that you shouldnt look on the internet when youre concerned about your health but I feel a bit let down by relying on the professionals tbh. I went after birth of first dc with concerns of prolapse and was dismissed, I didn't have the confidence to request a second opinion and just purchased an electronic stimulator instead. Other things following birth of first dc weren't followed up on either. 3 years later and im still having to request physio despite having my cervix looked at with a bloody torch and being told its falling out. If I hadn't obsessed over this for the last few years I would've been pleased by the consultants blase attitude today and took it that there's nothing to worry about.

Glad to see that some people have recovered without surgery as that looks a scary option.

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