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Low neutrophils

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Ifyoubuildit Thu 20-Oct-16 13:27:34

Just had a medical and have very low (1.1) neutrophils and need to see a haematologist urgently. I'm going on holiday tomorrow for two weeks and am now panicking! Should I be? I feel so stressed but don't know who to talk to, the doctor at my medical said to see someone ASAP and when I said I was going away she said I'd have to make people aware that I have low neutrophils. What people? Please help!

imnervous Thu 20-Oct-16 13:31:12

Low neutrophils would make you prone to infection, maybe you'd need people who are poorly to be aware to stay away?

imnervous Thu 20-Oct-16 13:31:52

Are you staying in this country?

Ifyoubuildit Thu 20-Oct-16 13:35:07

No going to Spain

imnervous Thu 20-Oct-16 13:41:53

Hmm, I don't really know what to suggest. DS is regularly neutropenic and we have to be very careful taking him places with lots of people, no swimming etc. His is caused by chemotherapy. When he's neutropenic we have to monitor his temperature and he is admitted to hospital with a temp above 38c.

Could you call the doc to confirm their opinion of you going? You may need to let your holiday insurance company know

Ifyoubuildit Thu 20-Oct-16 15:41:43

Thanks - I'm seeing a specialist tomorrow to get some antibiotics. It's all a bit strange, I feel fine!

Twodogsandahooch Fri 21-Oct-16 23:17:55

Hopefully you have seen and been reassured by the haematologist by now. 1.1 isn't that low and not a level to panic about. In certain ethnic groups it is very common to have a count below 1.5.

Ifyoubuildit Tue 25-Oct-16 12:31:10

Thanks twodogs. I have seen the haematologist, I had another blood test and he called me (on holiday) to say the neutrophils had normalised smile

Ifyoubuildit Tue 25-Oct-16 12:34:58

Imnervous - I want to apologise for being so self centred. It hadn't registered that your son was having chemo. I hope you are both ok. That must be such a nightmare?

exWifebeginsat40 Tue 25-Oct-16 12:39:31

I had neutropenia for a couple of years. lots of visits to King's College hospital, loads of tests, and nobody could figure out what was going on. I had to delay a surgery as the infection risk was too great.

and then it all just went back to normal. very weird. glad you're ok OP.

hollinhurst84 Wed 26-Oct-16 21:16:24

I have autoimmune neutropenia and would go away happily smile
Mine were 0.3 on diagnosis and even with treatment I fluctuate between 1 and 2.5 (they're happier if I am over 3)
Basically I'm permanently neutropenic grin

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