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Just some advice

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Tuffytheslayer Wed 19-Oct-16 22:25:07

Hope fully you will understand what I'm about to say I'll try make it not to long or gross lol my husband had surgrey on he's friends below 3 years ago at the time he thought they were going to deal with a problem they mentioned a cyst on the testicul itself , so to cut a very long story short went for a check up yesterday as they like to just keep a eye on it as it swells up and it was a diffrent dr we saw and the first thing is we need to operate to remove the cyst when our understanding was that was ment to have gone in the first operation . He was pretty angry that now he has to have another surgery down there as before it really took its toll on him emtionally ans mentelly it took him this long to be able to be confident again and he had to come of the tramadol and anti depressants .. he's pretty worried but last time round he had ti lose he's job because and still is in pain from the first operation , a friend saI'd we should seek legal action .. but I'm not sure I guess I needed somewhere to get ot off my chest because he chews me up when I speak to him about it which is understate

Meadows76 Wed 19-Oct-16 22:28:48

What would be the course of the legal action?

Tuffytheslayer Wed 19-Oct-16 22:39:52

@medows76 I said rather then that he should just complain.. I think he's friend was just trying to sound like he knew the law

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