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Blood in baby's stools

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dundas4360 Wed 19-Oct-16 17:41:59

sorry for long post.
Our 7 month old girl has been having very loose stools / diarrhoea for the last month and blood in her stools for the last 9 days. visited the GP and referred to hospital. She has had blood tests and they have taken a sample of her stools for tests and had a ultrasound scan which revealed a cyst, but this has not caused the bleeding.
The doctors are thinking its a milk allergy, she is on stage 1 aptamil and has been since birth with no issues other than wind.
We have been given prescription for a milk substitute - nutramigen stage 2 to try for 1 month but smells horrible and baby not taking it at the moment. If there is no change we will need a gastro appointment.
We are also being booked in for a meckels test -A Meckel’s scan is a diagnostic test that is used to screen for a small intestine abnormality called Meckel’s diverticulum. The Drs will review in 2 weeks time and we have to do another stool sample in a few days.
Just wondering if anyone has any experience of this? any advice thanks.

oatybiscuits Wed 19-Oct-16 20:38:19

Hi, my son was diagnosed with a milk allergy at 3 weeks due to very bloody stools, it cleared up over a few weeks as it left both of our systems. I take it you've had a google of cmpa? Are there no other symptoms? Eczema, reflux, diarrhoea type nappies/constipation?

Laundryloader Wed 19-Oct-16 20:45:37

Ask to try SMA LF my DD was prescribed nutramigen and refused to feed so they gave us SMA Lactose Free and she drinks that no problem.
I'm sure I've heard that children can develop a dairy intolerance after having a stomach bug?

Adelie0404 Wed 19-Oct-16 20:54:02

Nutramagin smells truly nasty! There are other milks and it's kind of nice to have prescription milk! Hopefully they can give her a milk that suits. Don't worry about me meckels scan - very common - little pouch in part of the small intestine and often contains a lining that can bleed. It can be sorted. Cows milk allergy most likely though.

nocoolnamesleft Wed 19-Oct-16 23:35:47

Have you tried putting a few drops of vanilla essence in the nutramigen? That's what our paeds dietician tends to suggest in babies old enough to notice to taste/smell...

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