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Blood test query

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booox Mon 17-Oct-16 13:58:50


I have had a range of issues over the last few years with symptoms of cfs but the causes are multi factoral; not right thyroid levels, low ferritin and then viral/ cough variant asthma which took a long time to work out was asthma!

My red blood cell count, heamocrit and something else related are consistently out of range, just over.

I'd assumed it was due to the asthma but I feel that's loads better and it's still like this.

IS it an issue? I only ask as my dad is in warfarin and also I have had at times symptoms of too many blood cells iykwim; itching after showers, tiredness etc. At one point I think I was really struggling with symptoms pre asthma diagnosis.

I'm not overly bothered as I imagine it makes me good at long distance running! But I don't do a lot of that sort of thing at the mo. Should I question it? Is it an issue? Should I flag it.

Case of over thinking or something to be aware of?

booox Mon 17-Oct-16 14:01:11

Oh and abdominal pain / fullness / tenderness at times is another symptom.

booox Mon 17-Oct-16 14:02:16

Another reason I wondered if it was an issue is that I had a test for Addison's disease where they took a lot of blood out (a pint or half a pint?) and I instantly felt better.

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