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Any spine experts?

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gandalf456 Sat 15-Oct-16 19:13:14

I have issues with C5-7 - disc degeneration and left sided foraminal stenosis, along with a possible nerve compromise at C7 according to nerve conduction tests. Professionals are debating whether this is in fact coming from the elbow rather than neck. I have had niggling arm pain for around a year on the opposite side to the neuropathy (the right). My strength is better this side even though the pain is far worse. I have hardly any pain on the left.

This week, I turned over in bed and my neck made a massive cracking noise. Prior to that, I had a slight pulling sensation to the right for a few days and an off balance feeling so something is on its way. The cracking resulted in immediate pain on my right hand side - so much so that I had to take a day off work, which I have never done before. The pain went virtually all the way down - from my face to my foot at various points (right shoulder, centre of my ribs on the right hand side, lower back/hip and heel). I have also got a slight limp and my leg feels a bit heavy and weak. The pain is a combination of burning and shooting pain.

I do have a hospital appointment on Saturday so I figure I'll last til then. I am feeling better today but still a bit weird. Could this be a disc herniation? Also, can cervical discs cause problems in the legs (left leg's actually OK). And is it as serious as it sounds? I feel slightly feverish, too, though this could be coincidence as my son has a heavy cold, too.

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