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Viral tonsillitis worry

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DollysDaydreams Sat 15-Oct-16 06:31:29


Went to doctors yesterday as I've had for 5 days a pain on one side when swallowing, earache, a hard swollen lymph node and chills. However, I don't really feel ill as such and carrying on as normal. He said I have viral tonsillitis.
BUT when I get tonsillitis I'm REALLY I'll. in bed for a week and can't eat or drink. But I'm fine. It's been 5 days and zero improvement or change. He said I could have antibiotics if it gets worse over weekend but not to take if it stays the same.

Now... I suffer wth health anxiety. So I'm now worried about a type of throats cancer. A friend of mine recently recovered from tonsil cancer and now in remission so it's possible!! Very worried....

CoffeeCoffeeAndLotsOfIt Sat 15-Oct-16 06:48:25

You've probably had bacterial tonsillitis before - which can make you feel REALLY ill.

Viral tonsillitis is milder, which is why you're feeling ok.

DollysDaydreams Sat 15-Oct-16 06:58:37

Ahhh. Yes before I've been unable to eat/drink/talk and fever and bed ridden but I feel 'not right' this time but definitely not bed ridden.
Should it last this long with no change? I took a paracetamol last night and it eased it completely but this morning it's exactly the same again. Everything I've read says it should only last for 3 days!

MeadowHay Sat 15-Oct-16 22:39:54

You can have a viral infection like this for up to about 10 days in worst cases. If you're still no better after the period of time then go back to see the GP as it may be you've started to develop a bacterial infection on top, but otherwise I wouldn't worry. Keep drinking hot drinks, taking paracetamol and ibuprofen for pain if you need to. Eat and sleep well and stay hydrated. Hope you feel better soon!

DollysDaydreams Fri 21-Oct-16 07:20:40

Thank you!
On day 11 and the pain is still there - come and goes. I now have a full blown cold and all over sore throat too.
Guessing it's all related. Feeling fed up now!

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