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Child development and mental wellbeing

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Thomchiv22 Fri 14-Oct-16 14:15:54


I am a student of Birkbeck University completing a Postgraduate course in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy and Counselling. As a part of my course I am required to undertake a Mother/Infant observation which entails observing a new born baby once a week, for an hour, in the family home. The aim is to get a week-by-week snap shot of a baby's early development, to support my on-going study of children's emotional growth and well-being, and to gain the experience and understanding needed to support children with their anxiety and issues in their later years.

I am specifically looking to make contact with mothers who are due to give birth in the next month or so, who are interested in supporting this area of study and who wouldn't mind a bit of company each week. As a mother myself, I understand this will not appeal to everyone but if you, or anyone you know, are interested in taking part or finding out more, and are due to give birth soon, please do get in touch.

(Please know that, should anyone decide to make contact with me to find out more, there is no obligation to take part and there is always the right to withdraw at anytime. I am also happy to provide confirmation of studies from the university and copies of my DBS.)

Your support will be greatly appreciated.

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