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Whiplash how long will the pain last

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Smallbear86 Thu 13-Oct-16 17:51:14

A month ago I was involved in a RTA she pulled out from a junction as I was driving on a duel carriageway. I got hit from the side and pushed across the other side of the road. To say the least it really hurt and my car was written off.
I'm now four weeks post the accident the third party insurers accepted liability straight away and I'm seeing a doctor on Tuesday a independent doctor to access my injuries.
I've seen my own GP and an ambulance was called when it happened and I had severe chest pain from the seatbelt basically thought I was dying that day.
They've told me they will pay me personal injury in two weeks and make an offer but I haven't even had physio and I'm in pain every single day since it happened.
My shoulders and neck hurt all the time and my job is Manual and when I wake up the next morning after work my shoulders neck and arms just literally ache.
Today it's been really bad and shooting down my left arm .
I know people make up whiplash and I've been in an accident before a few years ago but never once had pain after really.
My partner thinks the doctor will think I'm making it up when I go Tuesday but I'm really not they told me at the GP I should feel better after two wks but it's got worse not better and I'm really worried I'm stuck with this for the rest of my life.
Today it's been all in my collar bone aswell has anyone had whiplash before ?
I'm struggling at work with this now a lot.
I just wanted to know how long people take to recover from whiplash this is no fun at all I've never felt the same since it happened and have had headaches and vertigo aswell.

OrlandaFuriosa Fri 14-Oct-16 00:49:43

Mine lasted for several months, into years. My back is now uninsurable. I got the other side's insurers to recognise that and pay me a lump sum some 5 times the (derisory) original amount offered. I did have to change solicitors and get a top flight back specialist to look at me, after the insurers had paid for physio, chiro, osteo, acupuncture, etc etc. I also pointed out with some force that I was the major wage earner. But it was a long time ago.


lljkk Fri 14-Oct-16 15:41:06

I've had whiplash repeatedly but never lasted more than 2-3 weeks. What pain killers are you on?

It sounds like pinched nerves to me... more than just a ligament injury.

fuckweasel Fri 14-Oct-16 15:51:35

I had whiplash in a similar sounding accident eight years ago. I was on strong painkillers and diazepam for a few weeks and had regular physio. My back was painful for a few years and I still have some problems with it now. After a couple of years I visited a chiropractor who was excellent and really helped with the pain. My personal injury claim was settled after three years and was five times the initial (early) offer.

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