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Diagnose me before Google does....

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talksensetome Thu 13-Oct-16 11:19:28

Ok I am a 30year old woman, 3 kids, healthy weight.

My symptoms are:

spotting pretty much daily for a month and a half
sweet smelling thick discharge
crampy pains similar to menstrual cramp
feeling bloated and full.

possibly unrelated but I have lost 9lb in the last few months without trying. I had put it down to wearing braces so snacking less maybe. 9lb is 7% of my original weight so quite a bit.

I have recently had an STI check so its not that
I have a copper coil and the pill so not pregnant
I have had CIN III before but was successfully treated and returned to 3 yearly smears.

So any ideas? I know I need to go to the doctor but the wait for an appointment is a couple of weeks so please humour me in the meantime.

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