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Searing pain in buttocks - anyone else have this

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heartnothead Wed 12-Oct-16 13:48:10

For quite a few weeks I have had this - very uncomfortable and painful- its usually when sitting or standing but not in bed or walking.

A google suggests piriformis syndrome which as far as I can see is to do with the sciatic nerve.

I can't see the osteopath for a couple of weeks due to finances - anyone had this and is it worth going to the gp?

Bloodybridget Thu 13-Oct-16 02:27:57

Hi there, I'm awake with what I reckon is sciatica, pain all down the outside of my left leg from buttock to ankle. I've been getting the pain every night in bed for ages, but today had a bad attack after exercise. I haven't been to the GP about it but think I will mention it when I go for a meds review in a couple of weeks. If you look on NHS website it does say to consult your doctor, you can also try taking ibuprofen or similar.

I also found suggestions online for acupressure type treatment, which I will try tomorrow. Good luck with getting relief for your pain.

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