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Anyone with a rectal prolapse? Chance to help design a clinical trial

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southwest1 Tue 11-Oct-16 16:59:49

Hi All

While I don't have a rectal prolapse, my rectum was removed and incinerated ten years ago, I'm a colorectal surgical patient and as part of that have been involved with a group of surgeons and gastroenterologists who are putting together a clinical trial on crohns fistulas.

They've also asked me to help with another group who are hoping to design a trial on the best surgical procedure to treat a rectal prolapse, hence this post. This is a great opportunity to help feed in your views and experiences and believe me the surgeons involved really do care about patients views and what outcomes are important to patients, rather than just what's important to the surgeons.

They are looking for women aged over 18 who have or have had a rectal prolapse. There's going to be a meeting in London on the 14th November to gather patients views on the proposals, and they'll pay your travel expenses and provide lunch.

If anyone is interested the details are all on this link.

It's been amazing being part of the other trial group, and I'd really recommend getting involved if you are able to.

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