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Struggling With varifocals

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youvegottobekidding Tue 11-Oct-16 13:43:13

I've been wearing my new varifocal glasses for about a week now. Have been suffering terribly from bad migraines, although to be fair I get headaches anyway, but since wearing the new glasses there's been no shifting of this migraine, unless I take lots of painkillers, only for it to return after a few hrs. I get that new glasses can cause headaches to begin with, but for this long?

Vision wise, I felt I was struggling with looking around & focasing when I was at my daughter's school the other evening & couldn't exactly make out posters & other things on the walls. I know varifocals are two prescriptions in one lense, but I'm failing to see the benefit of this!

My work doesn't involve any computer work, I rarely do a lot of reading, so I'm thinking two separate pairs of glasses may be better for me. I also wear contacts, not often but due for a check anyway. Which has got me thinking would I need varifocals in contacts as well?!!

Tagetes Tue 11-Oct-16 13:50:21

It took me a long time to get used to them - something like 6 weeks- until one day I realised it was like I wasn't wearing glasses at all! I do work with computers but tend to wear reading glasses for that (and reading). I do find them useful when I have to keep changing focus e.g. in a meeting so I can see both my notes and other participants/a presentation, or when driving (looking at the dashboard and through the windscreen), or out shopping ( so I can see where I am going and the prices on things). Also as my eyes get worse I can leave them on all the time. Persevere - it is worth it.

NorbertDentressangle Tue 11-Oct-16 13:54:17

It took me a few months and a trip back to the optician to get used to my varifocals if I'm honest.

I found that I had to keep moving my head around to find the right part of the glasses to look through and they made me feel quite dizzy too especially if I was wearing them on the computer for example and then got up and walked away whilst wearing them.

I did go back and have the angle of them adjusted slightly which helped a bit but mainly it was perseverance.

However I must say that I didn't get headaches. If I were you I would go back and get them to check your prescription and the glasses to see if there's a problem.

NorbertDentressangle Tue 11-Oct-16 13:56:32

oh, and I meant to say that I don't wear them all the time (but find myself needing them more and more often for any sort of reading/close work).

I also had a second pair that are just reading glasses as I read a lot in bed and found the angle I lie at meant that I wasn't looking through the right point in the lenses IYSWIM.

Cherylene Tue 11-Oct-16 14:02:44

Why do you need them?

I have them because I am short sighted and cannot see close up with my glasses on any more, so the varifocal reduces the strength of my glasses where I need to read.

How well they work depends on how well they have measured where the varifocal in your glasses needs to be and how well they fit - they are rubbish if they slip down your nose. You need to go back and get someone to look at this, and also if the prescription is correct.

They do take a week or so to get used to. I used to have trouble with the ground bending in front of me. I don't see that now, but if I am hoeing the vegetables, they are not always where I think they are hmm.

They are best on big lenses. My sunglasses are brilliant, and they are the cheapest lenses grin

youvegottobekidding Tue 11-Oct-16 15:19:02

I need to wear glasses all the time as I'm short sighted, I also have astigmatism. I went to opticians a few weeks ago as I could tell I was struggling to see clearly from watching tv to reading say a text from my mobile & after an eye test the optician said I needed varifocals.

The lady at the opticians was quite thorough, she explained to me that it may take some getting use to, but to go back if I can't get on with them. It's like walking down the stairs, as obviously I'm looking through the bottom part of the lense, which will be for close up reading, it's blurry.

I'm back to opticians tomorrow so will hopefully get something sorted then!

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