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Diva Cup & Epically Heavy Periods

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EllaElla Mon 10-Oct-16 20:51:59

So....slightly graphic, but I've always had very heavy periods, unless i've been on the Pill which I haven't for years as we've been trying for children for a long time. I've recently tried a Diva Cup, which is pretty great however due to the nature of it, it's caused me to come to terms, quite literally, with exactly how much I actually bleed. Today (Day 2) I have seriously overspilled the thing no fewer than four times. Within a matter of about six hours- by the pamphlet i've just done the heavy side of an 'average' period in 6 hours of my 6 day cycle. It isn't inserted incorrectly. It isn't this heavy for the whole time, just 3-4 days of about a 6 day bleed. I have mentioned this to GPs and fertility experts who have offered nothing but 'that's just how it is for some women'. Surely there is some sort of imbalance that is causing this? I have had measurements taken of my uterine lining and it's totally normal. Where is it coming from then?? Does anyone have any insight, or advice? I have mentioned to Drs that perhaps it could be a factor in infertility if there is an imbalance, but have been laughed off. Thanks. .... would love to hear if anyone knows anything!!

lovelybangers Mon 10-Oct-16 21:51:00

I suppose this just demonstrates how useful menstrual cups are - you can actually measure the amount of blood lost.

That does sound heavy bleeding to me. And for 4 days!

However I'm not a doctor - perhaps you should speak to someone else about it just to double check that it's within the realms of 'normal' ?

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