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Factor V Leiden - Blood that coagulates too fast

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BeingATwatItsABingThing Sun 09-Oct-16 08:29:26

Anyone been tested for it or know anything about it? A few people in my family have recently tested positive for it so I am getting tested for it but I know almost nothing about it.

Alicekeach Sun 09-Oct-16 22:21:17

I have it - I was tested after I had a DVT.

It's quite common and a lot of people live with it and don't know they have it. The main effects for me are that I'm no longer allowed to take the pill, I have to be careful on long haul flights and I am automatically "high risk" when pregnant. I'm pregnant at the moment and have been on blood thinning injections all the way through. If you know you have Factor V Leiden then you can plan to avoid problems, so you are actually less at risk than somebody who is unaware that they have it.

lovelybangers Mon 10-Oct-16 21:16:36

I have it too.

Had a blood test aged 38 as my father has it. Got off lightly after a pregnancy, years of taking the combined pill and smoking!!

Am on warfarin for life now (as have suffered 2 dvt) which is a pain but I'd rather be aware of the problem and keep it under control.

As Alice says it is more common than one thinks.

BeingATwatItsABingThing Tue 11-Oct-16 06:03:03

Well, I've had a couple of family members test positive for it. One's a cousin and one's an aunt so there is a chance I don't have it but it seems unlikely.

I too was on the pill (I'm not anymore) and have already had a baby with no real complications. We shall see. I'm also asking to be tested for Cystic Fibrosis gene as a different cousin recently found out she is a carrier for that. It's all happening in my family.

lovelybangers Tue 11-Oct-16 10:01:20

Well, if it turns out that you have it then it's no biggie in reality.

I believe 5% of caucasion population can have it - so not so rare!

my biggest gripe is the increase in my travel insurance premium smile Oh, and if booking in for any surgery I have to cease the warfarin and inject into my stomach for a few days before and after the op. That's a bit ouchie but bearable.

Fingers crossed you are in the clear though.

Alicekeach Tue 11-Oct-16 17:40:18

My sister got tested after I was diagnosed and was told she didn't have Factor V. So you won't necessarily have it just because your cousin does.

BeingATwatItsABingThing Tue 11-Oct-16 19:38:04

Yeah, I know I might not have it but I would rather find out now. I'd never heard of it before.

PinkDucks Tue 11-Oct-16 23:24:38

It also depends if both or 1 gene is affected (heterozygous or homozygous). Most of my family have the 1 gene as each of my grandparents had 1 gene which has continued to be passed down. My Dad unfortunately for him inherited both genes and suffered a blood clot on his lung and is on warfarin for life. This is the only reason any of us were diagnosed as the rest of my family who have the 1 gene have not had any problems and are not on any medication. Like someone else has said its worth knowing about so we can err the side of caution in certain situations like long haul flights, if we have surgery etc.

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