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PMT - remedies??

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mandbaby Sat 08-Oct-16 20:28:08

Help!! I am so grumpy and irritable for about ten days before my period. Bearing in mind that my periods are as regular as clockwork (28 day cycle) so I am grumpy for 10 days every month and it's causing problems at home. Last month, my husband got so fed up with my moodiness he asked for a divorce!! We've since worked things out but I can already feel myself taking my bad mood out on him and our beautiful three children. Tonight I was so shouty and snappy with them, I've just GOT to try SOMETHING.

I will not take anti-depressants so please don't suggest seeing a doctor - but I'm happy to take any vitamins or herbal remedies that anyone can recommend.

bigoldbird Sat 08-Oct-16 20:34:01

Try mixing Clary Sage essential oil with body lotion and rubbing into your tum. It worked for me. Possibly placebo effect but cost effective so may be worth a try. Was on anti depressants for other reasons and they made not a jot of difference to PMT.

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