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Bleeding between periods

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ktmummy1 Sat 08-Oct-16 19:16:44

A bit of background....I have two children, the youngest is almost 2. He was delivered via emergency c section but I had a normal birth first time round.

Anyway I came off the pill approx five months ago. Since having my normal periods back, I have had brown /pink discharge every cycle at around cycle day 14. I know this can be ovulation but I've never had this before. For the last 4/5 months it has happened. It lasts about 2 days and I have mild period type pains with it.

Should I be concerned? As I am feeling a little worried.

ktmummy1 Sat 08-Oct-16 19:23:39

I should also add i have terrible urgency if I need to use to toilet (urination) and it comes on suddenly, I struggle to get to the toilet on time.

wineandsunshine Sat 08-Oct-16 19:29:13

I wouldn't be worried, your body could just be adjusting after stopping the pill. It can take a while to adjust again.

However I would be making a GP visit, maybe rule out any infection (checking your urine) and getting a smear test too?

I'm sure it's all fine but best to check good luck x

conkerpods Sun 09-Oct-16 23:21:09

Hi,I have been having this for the last year or so. Many trips to the gynaecologist and finally had a hysteroscopy. I finally have a diagnosis (nothing sinister,just a complication from c sections).
Bleeding should always be investigated so definitely get to the GP and then you will probably be referred for a scan. There are many,many things that could cause it that aren't sinister but do go and be checked out.

ktmummy1 Mon 10-Oct-16 07:46:39

I have suspected it to be something C-section related...can you give me more info please? I will go to gp to get it checked out too.

conkerpods Mon 10-Oct-16 18:28:21

So in my case a pocket has developed near the scar and every month blood is collecting in it and then released a couple of weeks. It's called an endometrial cavity and niche.
Options are high risk surgery high risk due to bladder being in the way,or Mirena coil (stopped my periods last time I had it) or put up with it til the menopause!
You may well have a different problem to me. It has been a year of coming and going to see various gynaes for scans and things. And now waiting for appointment to see the consultant who will fit the coil.

ktmummy1 Mon 10-Oct-16 19:20:20

Thanks conkerpods. Was your bleeding heavy or light? Mine is always around day 14-16 and only brown discharge (sorry for tmi)

Waitingfordolly Mon 10-Oct-16 19:25:45

I've had bleeding on and off between periods for ages. Consultant diagnosed crap hormones. I think brown blood is normally hormonal but go and get it checked, they did a pelvic exam for me when mini pill was causing strange bleeding. Again. It was nothing (or crap hormones...).

conkerpods Thu 13-Oct-16 00:24:33

My periods are very heavy but the mid cycle bleeding is just brown bloody clots,all stringy and gross. Sorry for the TMI!

ktmummy1 Fri 04-Nov-16 18:34:54

Ok, so I'm back as another month has gone by and low and behold it's happening again. I'm having quite strong period aches in lower abdomen and pink/brown discharge on wiping. Have spoken to GP and am due to have swabs as first investigation. And then possible scans after that.

I feel so worried about it. Not sure why I'm posting but looking for any other people who have this . I have convinced myself of the worse case scenario. I'm 37.

ktmummy1 Fri 04-Nov-16 18:36:11

Btw I'm on cycle day 11 today, so a bit earlier than last month (it's usually been cycle day 14-16

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