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Fentons Procedure

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Anon26 Fri 07-Oct-16 12:03:21

My story..I was raped at the age of 18. Naively went back to a guys house when drunk, fell asleep and woke up to him having sex with me. He did a lot of damage and it took me 3-4 days to be able to walk properly. I didn't do anything about the damage he did for 12 years becuase I was embarrassed, in denial. It wasn't until I had therapy for my anxiety issues that this came to light and I felt 'adult' enough to be able to seek help. When DTD with my OH, the skin at the bottom of my vagina rips and tears and bleeds. I've had ultrasound therapy on this and electro-therapy to sort out weak pelvic floor muscles. This has helped but where I tore previously, the scar tissue has made a lump and now I have a tight band of skin which makes penetration very painful, to the point where I cant continue. I went to see a consultant surgeon who suggested a Fenton procedure however I can not find any helpful information about it. I've read lots of forums/articles etc and a lot of people have said that it didn't work/made things worse. I was offered dilators but this seems like a long process which i know i wont have the patience for.

I guess my questions are...

Has anyone regretted the procedure?
What does 'it' look like afterwards?
Do they cut inside the vagina or just the outside?
Has anyone tried anything else instead of surgery?
Has anyone had any problems with going to the toilet/using tampons?
Has anyone had reduced feeling down there?

I've also found conflicting details about the recovery time. Some say 2-3 days, some say 2 weeks. I've never had surgery down there or any other major surgery (other than wisdom teeth) so have no idea what it would be like or how i'd tolerate it.

Any info/help would be great as I really don't know whether to have the surgery.

Anon26 Thu 13-Oct-16 14:01:31

Anyone? Help/advice would be great smile

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