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Any good treatments for facial psoriasis?

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reup Fri 07-Oct-16 08:03:42

My GP said she couldn't prescribe any actual medicine but recommended aveeno. That doesn't help and I'm allergic to coal tar and sunshine doesn't help mine either. I only have 3 patches but I'm find it really annoying when I wear foundation as it looks all dry and crumbly!

I did buy something over the counter evenly - can't remember the name but I think I started with a z but again it did nothing.

CarcerDun Fri 07-Oct-16 08:19:46

Moisture is key, try coconut oil and reapply often whilst it's dry and then keep it up whilst not. I wouldn't use foundation if it's crusty.

PurplePotato Fri 07-Oct-16 08:29:34

My husband had psoriasis on his face and used Clinique dramatically different moisturising cream which worked (has to be the cream not the gel or lotion). He uses hydrocortisone cream for bad flare ups.

Nicnak2223 Fri 07-Oct-16 08:35:51

I have calcipritrol prescribed for use on face and neck however it need to be applied every morning and night.

purple I'm going to try hydrocortisone cream, thank you

OP Try moisturising (any of the above) about half an hour before your foundation. carcer I would rather my foundation has patchy bits than I didn't try to cover my psoriasis at all.

reup Fri 07-Oct-16 11:06:58

Thank everyone.

Yes I used to use calcipitrol but GP wouldn't re prescribe. I might try another GP! I do have some hydrocortisone though.

I don't wear foundation much but have a big party and a wedding to go to this week so wanted to look slightly less crusty!

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