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Healthy habits - Walktober

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AliceInHinterland Thu 06-Oct-16 12:12:44

I'm planning to add in one new healthy habit a month. I will try to make it a positive habit - something to do rather than not do. I will have a basic goal and if anyone wants to join me they can tailor it. I don't have any serious issues to address, but I do want to lose a few pounds and gain a bit of energy.
For October my base habit is walking.
I plan to walk for 30 minutes continuously each day for the rest of October. I'll check back in each day for accountability.
Anyone up for it?

sadie9 Thu 06-Oct-16 13:15:11

You might get better traffic in the 'Exercise' thread I'm thinking.

AliceInHinterland Thu 06-Oct-16 13:32:27

Thanks sadie I'm planning to do different goals each month but I could start over there.

AliceInHinterland Thu 06-Oct-16 18:47:54

I'm going to plough on alone! 1/2 hour with the double buggy done this evening - starting to get very chilly now.

AliceInHinterland Thu 06-Oct-16 18:50:59

A regular walking habit cuts the risk of type 2 diabetes given I'm high risk that's very motivating - more reasons to walk tomorrow.

talksensetome Thu 06-Oct-16 18:51:22

I'm in, I easily do it on school days bit weekends I need to make a better effort.

Did 50 continously minutes on the way home from work followed by 20 more leisurely mins in the way home from school.

AliceInHinterland Thu 06-Oct-16 19:28:21

Good to have you talk - sounds like you do a lot already. I love to walk so it's not really a chore but I'm also very inconsistent and some days find myself not having walked anywhere at all.

yeOldeTrout Thu 06-Oct-16 19:37:21

Good 4 U, Alice.
My healthier habit would be... less wine. Not sure I'm ready 4 that, though!

AliceInHinterland Thu 06-Oct-16 19:41:42

Well I have a few tougher ones (chocolate) to get round to, but I wanted to start with something I can enjoy first. You don't fancy joining us?

talksensetome Thu 06-Oct-16 21:12:17

Alice, I do a lot through the week it's just weekend sometimes I can go Friday night to Monday morning without even getting dressed. I am a new dog owner though so now I have to walk more on the weekends.

I live how your plan is one positive thing a month much more achieveable!

AliceInHinterland Fri 07-Oct-16 07:31:33

Yep I definitely have days like that and notice myself getting really fed up and snappy from being inside all day. Dogs are a great motivator - what do you have?

talksensetome Fri 07-Oct-16 10:55:03

I have an almost 7stone American bulldog! so no avoiding walkies now.

When are you planning your walk today?

Mine will be the usual, 2pm walk home.

AliceInHinterland Fri 07-Oct-16 14:44:59

I walked this morning for an hour, with the baby in the carrier. It really wasn't that far but for some reason I found it exhausting! Glad I made the effort today - the weather isn't great so it was tempting not to bother. Yeah that does not sound like a dog that will let you get away with ignoring you, though are they a very active breed? We have a terrier - he would walk all day given the chance.

gettingitwrongputtingitright Fri 07-Oct-16 15:05:19

I'm in. Just took my pug out for a 20 minute walk. I do that most week days, would do us both good in to increase it!

AliceInHinterland Fri 07-Oct-16 17:12:40

Hi getting - great to have you on board, and glad all our dogs will be benefiting too! I wanted anyone who joins me to tailor their goal to fit if they like, I think the benefits really kick in at the half an hour mark though - there's a great video I'll try to dig out on how fantastic walking is for your health.

AliceInHinterland Fri 07-Oct-16 17:28:12

Video here about benefits of 1/2 hour exercise

nancy75 Fri 07-Oct-16 17:32:12

Can I join in? My dd recently changed school and it means I'm getting to work an hour early everyday, instead of working for free I might as well walk for 45 minutes smile my office is in a park so I plan to do laps around the park, starting Monday

hazeyjane Fri 07-Oct-16 17:38:47

Yes I will join in. Life is a bit chaotic but 30 mins walking sounds doable and would have the added benefit of being good for my overactive brain!

AliceInHinterland Fri 07-Oct-16 18:03:54

Welcome! Yes walking is definitely better for the soul than working nancy. I have one of those too hazey - in fact although I'm tempted to listen to audiobooks I try to walk with no technology to clear my head.

hazeyjane Fri 07-Oct-16 18:39:11

I think if I walk with nothing I may start 'writing lists' in my head, I feel constantly overwhelmed by life stuff. I find one thing I don't do anymore, which used to be a huge part of my life, is listen to music, so my plan is to buy a new set of headphones and indulge!

AliceInHinterland Fri 07-Oct-16 18:58:29

Ooh yes I think music is different - I was thinking of cutting out word-y things. Of course that might not be what everyone needs anyway.

SauvignonPlonker Fri 07-Oct-16 19:12:58

I'll join in! Have downloaded the Pacer app & aiming for 10K steps daily. A bit of a mixed bag so far, but I struggle on working days. Used to walk in the evenings when it was light, after kids in bed. Now it's dark before their bedtime, so limited to daytime walking only. Averaging 7K steps this week - pah!!!

AliceInHinterland Fri 07-Oct-16 19:31:17

Hi Sauvignon - 7k steps isn't bad! I find I have to do quite a lot to get to 10k. Some days I end up on only 2-3. I'm on mat leave but when I'm at work the only way I can fit in walking is at lunch time. I used to be able to walk to work too and that was fantastic.

SauvignonPlonker Sat 08-Oct-16 11:35:10

Managed a 50 min walk this morning & already at 6.2K steps today <stealth boast>.

Trying to walk on 5 days out of 7, really need to increase my activity levels & lose weight.

AliceInHinterland Sat 08-Oct-16 12:24:16

Well done Sauvignon great to get it out of the way, and no need to be stealthy with your boasting here!
I didn't think I'd manage it today as we're quite busy, but the baby refused a nap which was a blessing in disguise, so just got half an hour done with the pram.

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