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Tummy not right after stomach bug

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longdiling Wed 05-Oct-16 07:30:39

I had a tummy bug 2 weeks ago, diaohrrea but no sickness, just feeling sick. It stopped after a few days but my tummy hasn't properly recovered. I still feel sick off and on and very gassy and uncomfortable. Especially towards the end of the day. What can I do to try and recover? Is the brat diet still a thing? Prebiotic yogurts? Or just starve myself for 24 hours? It's doing my head in now! Thanks

booox Wed 05-Oct-16 07:36:12

Sometimes you can develop a short lived lactose intolerance. You could cut out milk/ lactose for a couple of weeks and then reintroduce.

longdiling Wed 05-Oct-16 07:39:43

Thank you! That's worth a try. Although no butter sad

ItMustBeBedtimeSurely Wed 05-Oct-16 07:42:38

Buy good probiotics - check out amazon. I like bio - kult.

Natural yoghurt/ fresh raw veg are also a good source, but I've always found the tablets the most effective.

angelpuffs Wed 05-Oct-16 20:38:23

I second the use of probiotics- I was very sceptical but I think they helped me. Might be best to get a dairy free one if you have a temp lactose intolerance.

longdiling Thu 06-Oct-16 12:09:13

Thanks both! I think dairy may be the issue but I'm going to order some prebiotic tablets just in case

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