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Periods changing

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tristerflexu Tue 04-Oct-16 10:46:11

I'm 42 and have always had very light regular periods with a short luteal phase and a history of low progesterone.

My last period was about 10 days later than usual and I didn't have my usual ovulation pains or sore boobs lost ovulation. This cycle arms to be going a similar way. I'm nearly 4 weeks since my last period, have had 4 days of light mid cycle spotting and no sign of ovulation.

I have a copper coil and I'm sure I'm not pregnant. I have made a GP appointment to ask for some blood tests but was wondering if it sounds like the start of perimenopause. I should add that I've suffered from bad anxiety for the last couple of years, an on citalopram and I had a period of sweating a lot at night mid cycle. I never put the symptoms all together before but maybe they are linked.

Surely I am a bit too young? I have no idea what age my mum had menopause as she had a full hysterectomy pre meno for fibroids and heavy bleeding

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