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Painful sex, episiotomy and fentons procedure

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Moofin Mon 03-Oct-16 22:07:51

o I had my baby 8 months ago - won't go into the details as its A long long story! But the short version is that it was a very traumatic forceps birth resulting in an awful episiotomy that took 10 weeks to close. I've been using dilators for 5 months and we've reached a stage where I can sort of tolerate intercourse but it's still pretty awful. To say I'm feed up is an understatement, I'm now on the waiting list for a fentons procedure to hopefully sort out the scar tissue, but my consultant Seems pretty negative about it - risk of further granulation etc. As far as I'm concerned the scaring would not be so bad if they hadn't gave made such a shit show if my stitching in the first place - I'm not prepared to give up on pain free sex at age 29! any one got any postive or negative stories to share?

Moofin Tue 04-Oct-16 22:15:01


DaniSecker Wed 05-Oct-16 14:48:51

I've had this! They basically opened my scar and stitched it back up. But I wasn't given any problems, I was booked in within a year, was even in a nhs funded private hospital. Persist with it because it definately helped me, even after I had another baby (no tears with him thouhh)

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