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Swelling in the rectum

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Polarbearflavour Mon 03-Oct-16 20:41:02

Loooong story, basically suspected having inflammatory bowel disease - diarrhoea 3-7 times a day, pain, fatigue, sweats, blood in stools - all blood tests and stool samples in normal ranges.

Referred under 2 week wait to colo-rectal clinic, had colonoscopy and gastroscopy. Then waited weeks for biopsy results. GP kept chasing and was told they were all normal. GP queried it, consultant looked at images from colonoscopy again and said "oooo errrr actually there is rather a lot of swelling in the rectum, better have her back in for a sigmoidoscopy."

Pretty confused as to how my discharge paperwork said everything was normal, no abnormality seen when clearly there is inflammation. The doctor doing the colonoscopy said the bleeding "must" be caused by hemorrhoids even though he said he didn't actually see any.

I'm guessing if my lovely GP hadn't been on the ball I would have been discharged with a diagnosis of IBS?

Dr Google said IBD or rectal cancer confused

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