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Rash- help!

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Justalittleowl Sun 02-Oct-16 12:10:38

Hi all, am usually just a lurker on here but my rash is driving me nuts! Doctor is testing for chicken pox and gluten allergy but I just don't known what to do. It's keeping me awake at night it's so bad sad

NavyandWhite Sun 02-Oct-16 13:53:59

Where abouts is it? Is it very itchy?

Justalittleowl Sun 02-Oct-16 14:09:51

Incredibly itchy. All over both legs and my bum.

Justalittleowl Sun 02-Oct-16 14:10:20

Also a minor outcrop on my elbows but nowhere as bad as my legs!

NavyandWhite Sun 02-Oct-16 14:18:06

Ah ok. I have dermatitis herpetitformis which is the rash linked to gluten allergy/celiac disease.

It mainly occurs on the elbows, legs, bottom but can be anywhere too. It is extremely itchy to the point of insanity! Small blisters occur that pop when scratched.
My attached photo was from last year.

NavyandWhite Sun 02-Oct-16 14:18:41

Excuse the hairy legs blush

Justalittleowl Sun 02-Oct-16 17:11:28

Looks similar. How long did it take for the itching to stop?

NavyandWhite Sun 02-Oct-16 19:25:35

The itching only goes once the gluten is out of my system. If I accidentally eat gluten then the blisters appear and the itching starts. DH is pretty rare and is very hard to diagnose. It has taken 3 biopsies to get a positive result.

Justalittleowl Mon 03-Oct-16 17:14:50

The doctors say my bloods are negative for a gluten allergy so still no answers sad

NavyandWhite Mon 03-Oct-16 17:41:25

Had you stopped eating gluten at the time of the test?

Mine were negative at first so I cut gluten out and the rash/itching subsided very quickly. When I introduced gluten the rash came back with a vengeance but I still got another negative skin biopsy. Took my third go to get a positive result for DH even though the dermatologist was certain it was this from the off.

You could give it a go cutting out?

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