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Would you go to the gp for this?

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campervan07 Fri 30-Sep-16 08:04:44

I am quite an anxious person so tend to worry about health but also about being an unnecessary burden on the nhs so never know whether to visit the gp or not.

I currently have two issues I was considering visiting the gp for and was wondering if people could tell me whether they would see a doctor in my position or if I would be time wasting.

1. Face twitch - 3 years ago when pregnant, I got an eye twitch. I assumed it would go after pregnancy but I still have it. It's not always there but happens most days. It has got worse over time so now I get twitches in my eye, my cheek and near my mouth on my right side but it's starting on the left now too. It's obviously not life threatening but very annoying and I am really self conscious about it. It stops me sleeping sometimes.

2. Have had a cough for three months. Had a bad cold and coughing and the cough never fully went away. It's not always bad. Worse in mornings and night. At night I can get quite wheezy where you can hear my breathing in and out and I want to cough to try and clear the airway. Never been diagnosed with asthma but in the past couple of years I can get wheezy if my hayfever is bad.

Having written them down, I think i am probably time wasting as they are more irritating than life threatening.

ChickyDuck Fri 30-Sep-16 08:10:39

Yes, I would definitely go. That's what GPs are for, you don't have to have a life threatening issue to see one. When you book, request a double appointment as you have more than one issue. They would much rather have the time to talk through your concerns properly than either run over your allotted time or have to rush you out!

Littleballerina Fri 30-Sep-16 08:11:04

Make an appointment for the cough just to get it checked as it's gone on for 3 months. While you are there mention the twitch.
Absolutely not time wasting.

blushrush Fri 30-Sep-16 09:32:30

I would go. The twitch sound very similar to something my mum had, and the cough definitely needs checking.

Sosidges Fri 30-Sep-16 11:48:46

I hate going to the doctors, but twice In the last two years, I have been made to go by my paramedic son. Both times, I have been glad I went, as it turned out that my problems were solved by medication. I am currently under hospital care to relieve symptoms that have been plaguing me for 10 months.

Pleas go and get it checked.

campervan07 Fri 30-Sep-16 13:11:02

Blush rush - have they been able to fix your mother's twitch?

I guess I should go. Part of the issue is that doctors have switched to having to phone up on he day for all appointments which was the old emergency appointment procedure and I know mine aren't emergencies so always feel like I might be taking a slot from someone more deserving.

Sounds like I never go to the doctors but unfortunately I am there too often with the kids plus various pregnancy compilations. I always think they must think what is she doing here again lol.

Right I will phone up on Monday then. Thank you.

blushrush Tue 04-Oct-16 15:30:06

Yes, in the end, it was related to a muscle problem within her eye, which meant she had to have some of the skin removed from each eyelid.

It hasn't gone away completely, but it really reduced the symptoms.

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