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Milliemoo13 Thu 29-Sep-16 02:37:36


Advice needed please!! I had an episiotomy 7 weeks ago following second vaginal birth (had an episiotomy with first pregnancy in 2013). I'm in significantly more pain this time round - ended up with haematoma following initial stitches then needed to have haemotoma drained and re-stitched in surgery the same day (5 hours after giving birth). I saw gp on Tuesday for 6 week check - she said healing nicely but noted v sore section and advised no sex for 4 weeks. She then just suggested lavender oil in the bath for healing and to come back in 4 weeks if still in pain.

The thing is I'm in sooo much pain on and off everyday - and not sure how much longer I can cope with it. I read about anaesthetic cream and wondered if that was worth getting a prescription for? Also read about Fenton procedure but think I'd rather go private as I really don't trust the NHS right now!! Any thoughts advice?? Also not sure if I can wait 6 months for this procedure - can it be done sooner? Would it be worth me seeing a gynaecologist for advice?

NaughtyRed82 Thu 29-Sep-16 03:03:41

I had to have one with the birth of my first child and in the first few days afterwards although Inwas already very sore and bruised down there, it suddenly started feeling like I was sitting on glass everytime I sat down. My mom called midwife out to come and check me and the stitches on the outer layer had come undone but said stitches were still intact where needed to be and so didn't need re-stitching and to just take paracetamol for the pain hmm
Ended up being sore down below for 6 damn weeks so I feel your pain although you sound in even worse position with having to go into surgery and be re-stitched and everything. I don't know what a Fenton procedure is, but I'd say first thin to do is get earliest appointment with gp and explain how sore you are and that you're struggling with the pain and you need some pain relief or cream and that just something in your bath isn't helping with pain relief and only aiding healing which is going to take time and in the mean time you're not coping too well. You've got a new born to be dealing with and need to be feeling right so should try and get your gp to help first and hopefully hey can do something if realise how sore you are.

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