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Food poisoning and 1.5 yr old?

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twocultures Wed 28-Sep-16 13:16:01

Ok I will sound like I've no clue what I'm doing and that's probably true.
Yesterday me and DP had some food which must've been off (although it tasted fine) as we both got really bad food poisoning and were up all night, DP is away for work so I'm on my own.

I've been up all night and this morning as soon as DP spoke to me he got his DF to collect DS and his DM is looking after him ATM so I could have some rest.
Luckily DS didn't have any of our food so he is fine.

I've had a couple of hrs in bed after DF left with DS but I still feel very weak whenever I stand up and I've got aches all over, especially in my calves and I'm feeling a bit lightheaded.
So the questions are:
- is food poisoning contagious?
- do you think I am capable of looking after DS who is 1.5yrs ?

I feel really guilty about DMiL having to look after him as she usually has my BILS twins in the afternoon before they get collected. But at the same time I don't want to ring and ask her to bring him down if I'm incapable of looking after him properly and have no energy to cook for him or entertain him and will end up making myself worse.


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