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Confused! Driving glasses, reading glasses, sunglasses and spare pairs

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Parent2266 Mon 26-Sep-16 23:41:38

I now need driving glasses, as well as reading glasses and I want to have a spare pair of each for emergencies. I also like sunglasses which are larger than conventional glasses. But I want to keep the number of pairs and switching between them down to a minimum.

The optician said I should have varifocals which I went for, but I need sunglasses when it's bright. I thought about Reactions sunglasses but they don't react through car windscreens. And the ones that do can't be used at night. The optician has never mentioned 'sun readers' which would be useful if I want to read outside on holiday.

I can't be the only person in this situation. What's the best combination of pairs of glasses to have to cover my needs?

gleam Mon 26-Sep-16 23:46:20

I've decided to go for varifocals which will do everything and a pair of tinted varifocals as sunglasses. I'll use either pair in the car, depending on the time of day/weather.

gingeroots Wed 28-Sep-16 10:47:02

I got something like this
from my optician.

16augustholiday Wed 28-Sep-16 10:53:29

I have varifocals for when I need to go quickly from near to far, i.e. in a meeting where I need to look at paperwork and also a presentation. I got these from my optician so that they are properly fitted etc. I also have distance sunglasses and normal glasses from glassesdirect, and finally I have separate intermediate glasses for PC work which I spend much of my day doing.

I am just getting used to the varifocals and am not yet happy enough to use them all the time.

Footle Wed 28-Sep-16 11:50:07

Total muddle here too - I wear contact lenses but need reading / driving / sun / varifocal glasses too, at various times in the day. I know a few people with varifocal contact lenses which are a solution for them but not for me. It's annoying isn't it ?

PeaStalks Fri 30-Sep-16 15:41:49

I've tried varifocals 3 times and can't get on with them, even top of the range expensive ones.
So I buy online reading and distance glasses at a fraction of the high st price and have bifocal sunglasses. I have so many there is a set in each car and each room at home blush

FinnegansCake Sat 01-Oct-16 23:34:34

I have varifocals which I wear around the house and for driving on a dull day/at night, distance sunglasses for driving on sunny days, and reading glasses which I keep next to my bed. For some reason I keep my varifocals in the sitting room when I'm not wearing them confused

TopazRocks Sun 02-Oct-16 22:58:25

What about clip-ons to wear over your driving ones. And if reading in sunlight they'd go over reading specs too. Though I was shocked at he price of clip-ons a few years ago - still cheaper than a new pair of glasses though.

I have varifocals - 2 pairs, one with clear lenses, other with photo-reactive lenses. I mislaid the first pair for months (under my bed) and found the other pair reacted very quickly and took ages to go back to clear. When i went indoors I'd have to put them in my pocket for 5 mins. And then i couldn't see much as i am very shortsighted.

When i first got varifocals I didn't use them for driving for a few weeks - used the previous ones esp for reverse parking. They are fine now.

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