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Does anyone have an individual tooth denture that you just clip in? Need reasurance

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juicychops Mon 26-Sep-16 11:39:17

I'm due to have a tooth out Friday. .. 4th tooth from the front at the top. I have a denture made; not the one that goes over the roof of your mouth, just an individual clip in one. I've been putting it off for 2 years but really need it out but terrified of having the gap and the denture not working or falling out or not fitting right.

I'm only 31 and feel ancient having a denture.

Is there anyone that has one of these who can reassure me and tell me how they have found having one. Are there limitations? Does it stay in well? Does it look real?

Tempted to put my appointment back again

juicychops Mon 26-Sep-16 16:23:17


TheSpottedZebra Mon 26-Sep-16 18:04:24

My mum has one - I don't notice it, and she's never mentioned any issues. And she really would!

Best of luck for your appointment. Hope others come along with more experiences.

WindPowerRanger Mon 26-Sep-16 18:11:24

My father did. It was completely undetectable. He never mentioned any issues either.

juicychops Tue 27-Sep-16 14:26:40

thanks for getting back to me... i chickened out and have now put my appointment back to the beginning of November!! (that was the next available one after this Friday)

so i can start mentally preparing for it now

MatildaTheCat Tue 27-Sep-16 17:52:10

I did and it looked very natural. It was a bit tight at first and when adjusted it was a bit loose. As it was temporary whilst waiting for an implant I didn't bother going back but I felt much the same and it was fine. Other than taking it out at night, then I felt old!

Heatherjayne1972 Thu 29-Sep-16 13:21:29

Sounds like you need to discuss this with your dentist before the tooth comes out
There are other options long term don't forget. There are Various types of Bridge or implant
You don't have to be stuck with a denture forever

wickedfairy Thu 29-Sep-16 17:42:30

My DH has one but the type which has a plate at the roof of your mouth. It's one of his top teeth, right at the front!

You would never know and I completely forget it isn't his natural tooth. It's quite amazing how identical it looks to his real teeth.

juicychops Sat 01-Oct-16 16:30:19

yeah, hopefully one day i can get an implant. im glad Matilda you said yours was tight... id rather it tight than fall out which is my fear! im hoping its not something i will have to tell people about. But obviously if its something that is going to fall out every 5 mins i will need to do some explaining!

i will feel very old when its taken out at night!!

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