Vaginal bleeding after bowel movement

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Bloopbleep Sat 24-Sep-16 12:32:24

It hasn't happened for a couple months until today but (yet again) around about 10dpo I get bright red vaginal bleeding when I have a bowel movement (not piles I've checked which hole it comes from) It doesn't bleed any more than when I wipe after the bm and my period will usually come about 12-14dpo but it's different from pre-af spotting which is usually a tiny amount of brown discharge and there's no cramping like I get in the lead up to af (that usually starts 2 days before af comes).

I'm not overly worried about it, just curious to see if anyone knows why it happens. I've tried to raise the issue with gynaes but no one ever addresses it. Am ttc and am thinking it's not a good sign- it's certainly not implantation bleeding.

Anyone got any ideas?

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Bloopbleep Sat 24-Sep-16 19:34:12

Am I the only one?

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crayfish Sat 24-Sep-16 19:39:59

I used to get this a lot, it worried me actually. I went to the GP and was examined and apparently I had/have a cervical ectopian (may not be spelled like that!) which was something to do with the cells on you uterus growing out into your cervix (something like that anyway!) these cells are easily irritated and caused me spotting after sex too. Apart from that it was harmless. I'm not sure if it was something to do with the pill but when I was ttc and since having DS and not using the pill I have never had the same issue.

It could be something like that? Worth getting checked though.

Sadfacehappyface Sat 24-Sep-16 19:41:16

This happened to me, mine was caused by a cervical erosion which was easily rectified by a minor procedure.

Bloopbleep Sat 24-Sep-16 19:56:09

Thank you! Would cervical erosion be picked up during a smear or would I need to raise the issue first? No one has ever mentioned it and I've had an army of people look at my chuff over the past few years for various reasons.

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Sadfacehappyface Sat 24-Sep-16 20:18:13

My GP examined me but wasn't sure what the issue was so referred me to the Hospital, so although it may be picked up during a smear, I would book an appointment as soon as possible and get it checked out. The Gynae consultant diagnosed mine within 30 seconds so I was a bit surprised the GP hadn't!

crayfish Sat 24-Sep-16 20:18:53

Cervical Erosion might have been what I had, sorry it was a while ago! Mine was diagnosed by the GP but at a later smear the nurse commented on it so I assume it would have been picked up then. I had no treatment and none was offered.


Bloopbleep Sat 24-Sep-16 20:24:58

I guess if it's not serious it's not worth worrying about. Thank you both for responding. smile

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Freezingwinter Sat 24-Sep-16 20:28:34

I too had cervical erosion/ectropion. I had it burnt away by a gynae using silver nitrite. It hurt for a few hours but I got pregnant that month. Not sure if it has anything to do with it, but I'm glad I had it checked. It wasn't picked up by a routine smear.

Sadfacehappyface Sat 24-Sep-16 20:30:07

Please get yourself checked out just incase it is something else. I think you're right that they only worry about it if you are experiencing problems.

insideout2016 Sat 24-Sep-16 20:34:28

I would get checked out. I has this, was told by the gynae it was cervical enrosion but it was cancer upon closer inspection.

insideout2016 Sat 24-Sep-16 20:34:52

Erosion not enrosion lol

Bloopbleep Sat 24-Sep-16 21:31:33

Freezing winter - oh that sounds nippy. Did you get local anaesthetic or anything for it?

Sad face & Inside out I've had various examinations down there in the past two years and loads of investigations by both GP and two gynaes and they've never found anything. I'll ask again but they've always said the spotting was hormonal and my age (41) and offer me the contraceptive pill or a temporary menopause.

I'm thinking I might go private for a thorough mot down there. Will need to save for a while tho.

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Freezingwinter Sun 25-Sep-16 10:35:04

No I didnt! I had aa womb biopsy at the same tim(later found out I should have had some anaesthetic for this) so that probably made the pain worse. That was 2 years ago I haven't had bleeding since. Dontn i private, you're entitled to it on the nhs. It was over in less than half an hour.

MegGriffin Sun 25-Sep-16 11:17:51

I used to get this. I had a hysteroscopy to look inside my womb but there was nothing wrong amd eventually, after quite a long time, it stopped.

BeyondASpecialSnowflake Sun 25-Sep-16 11:37:16

Might not be helpful, but I have other issues alongside (inc possible endo) and only have a BM once a week. This brings on spotting for me, which is pretty much the only vaginal bleeding I get as I have a mirena. However, it has been explained to me to think of it as how a hot curry is meant to induce labour (or conversely, how many people get diahorrea when their period starts). The peristalsis in your bowel induces contractions in your womb (or the other way around for period>diahorrea), causing the bleeding.

Bloopbleep Mon 26-Sep-16 08:12:55

Snowflake- that's what I think is probably happening. It's a bit disconcerting tho :-/

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AmacP Wed 05-Apr-17 22:41:30

I also got pregnant a month after getting this procedure done. Strange x

Mamabear14 Thu 06-Apr-17 08:51:18

I had this too but it was due to a large rectocele pushing everything and irritating it. I did get sent for a scan of my ovaries though so best to check it out. Always best to be in the safe side.

Isabelle08 Fri 25-Aug-17 09:25:41

Hello, I'm new to this site but am beside myself at the moment. I have had a swollen abdomen for nearly 8 weeks now, intermediate pain, which has got worse lately. Had CT scan, blood test and recently ultrasound, awaiting emergency MRI scan at mo. Don't think they blow what it is. But the last couple of days I've had irregular bleeding that stops as quick as it start, but have noticed for the last 2 days after a bowel movements o have bright red blood only straight after. So worried going on holiday soon, as it stands I don't want to go. Does anyone know what this could be, the sonographer mentioned endementrios.

Footle Fri 25-Aug-17 21:11:56

Isabelle, this is an old thread. You'll be more likely to get replies if you start your own new one. Hope your scan shows something easily treated.

Midwestmamma Fri 12-Jan-18 22:32:25

Hi Isabella08, curious how you're doing now that some time has passed? I have these same symptoms right now. We currently do not have health insurance as my husband lost his job. I wondering if this is serious and I should really go in. I have a bloated stomach, trouble having a bowel movement and when I do it's barely anything like it should be for not having gone for several days. Now, when I go, I have bright red vaginal bleeding. Only a little but still not the time of the month for this... Wondering what the outcome was for you if you're willing to share. Thanks in advance! Hope you are doing well now!

Footle Sat 13-Jan-18 18:06:52

Midwestmamma, this is an old thread so you won't get many replies. Better to start a new thread of your own.

Artist63 Thu 20-Dec-18 15:26:40

I have the same problem and had tests just like some of you. Each time they found nothing. I get a sharp pain in my abdomen each time it happens. Then I bleed a bright red. I am 63 years old . It has gotten worse and I feel pinched down there when I sit. During an ultrasound that was performed they used this phallic looking wand. They couldn't get it in and I had struggled with severe pain to get it in for them. I was bleeding as we were trying to do this. Still they told me that they didn't find anything wrong! Really??!! Because this is normal right??! The wand was covered with that ultrasound gel and my doctor said maybe I was dry inside. I don't know where or who to go to and I can't spend anymore money unless it will yield a result. I need help. This seemed to have started after I had a colonoscopy, BTW.

Pvilleks99 Sat 12-Jan-19 00:07:58

Hello I had my last period the 4th of December, it lasted 4-5 days. On the way 10th my boyfriend and I had sex and the condom broke, I took plan b within 24 hours. I experienced a lot of stomach cramps and stomach aches all month waiting for my period (but could have been completely just stress induced). I took 4 pregnancy tests in the days after my period, all negative. The last week or so my nipples and outer breasts have felt sore and a bit sensitive, along with cramps. It is now January 11th, this morning I had a sudden need to go to the bathroom (badly!) while at work. I noticed in my panties there was a light pink discharge with small white globs. It is now the evening and I am still experiencing stomach cramps, pain in my lower stomach and blood but only when using the restroom, like whiping with toilet paper or in the toilet after going. Is this a late period or something more? Is this a miscarriage? And ectopic pregnancy? I have been feeling slight cramps on my left side only for a while.

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