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Has anyone had surgery on a Morton's Neuroma?

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SwearyGodmother Thu 22-Sep-16 16:03:06

And would you recommend it?

I've got one (well two, but one isn't a problem) which was measured in an MRI scan last year at 6.5mm and is now 11mm. I've had three cortisone injections in it - one last summer which settled it, and two more this summer as the pain came back - but it's still a problem. My lovely doctor said today that I can have surgery on it, or I can leave it, and it might or might not get better or worse if I do, and then outlined the risks of surgery (infection etc).

It doesn't stop me doing normal day to day things but does prevent me running longer distances without pain and is painful when I cycle - which are both things I like to do. Would it be worth having it operated on?

Has anyone else had the surgery and have any success/horror stories to share?

NickNacks Thu 22-Sep-16 16:08:18

DH has had it done twice on the same one, it came back, with limited success.

SwearyGodmother Thu 22-Sep-16 16:18:56

That sounds irritating - to state the very obvious. Does he still suffer with it now?

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