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Pain when breathing on right side

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4andout Thu 22-Sep-16 10:40:04

For the last few days I've felt very tired and had a constant headache..although I have had my period so it is probably down to that. Yesterday afternoon I noticed I had a bit of pain when taking a big breath. The pain is at the top part of my breast on the right hand side. Left side feels fine. It feels worse if I'm moving or leaning forward. When I lie down it feels better.

The pain is not agony - just noticeable and I am not breathing correctly because of it. I'm taking stupid small breaths with the odd big one.

The dc have got colds. I don't have any cold symptoms but wonder if somehow this is the same virus. Any ideas?

swingofthings Thu 22-Sep-16 10:53:22

You could have pulled a muscle (even in your sleep) or you could have a very small lung collapse, most likely to resolve itself alone with rest.

If it is no better in a couple of days or worse, I would go to the GP. I suffered from a serious lung collapsed and went on with normal life for 24 hours, but each breath I took was quite painful all the way down my back. It resulted in surgery. Since then, I get very anxious if I get any pain like you describe, but each time it's turned out to be just a muscle strain.

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