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Ortho K contact lenses

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sufferingicecakes Wed 21-Sep-16 14:44:20

Would love to hear from anyone whose children wear ortho k overnight lenses or who wear them themselves, what they pay for them, whether they are on a plan or not, and how they have got on with them.

My DD wears these but we are having issues and just wondering whether to persevere or switch back to glasses or try soft contact lenses. My DD seems to suffer a lot of irritation with them.

chipmonkey Wed 21-Sep-16 14:57:41

I am an optometrist but don't fit ortho k, more because my boss isn't keen than because I don't like the idea!
The plus side is that they have been shown to help halt the progression of myopia but tbh, I would be concerned if your dd is suffering from irritation. Does the irritation happen only while she's wearing them or also during the day?
There have been reports about corneal ulcers while wearing them but mostly in Asia and there seems to be scant information on whether they were correctly fitted in the first place
Does her optometrist know about the irritation?

sufferingicecakes Wed 21-Sep-16 16:28:33

The irritation happens during the day, unfortunately. I am assuming the eye is getting scratched over night. The optometrist just shrugs shoulders, but we never seem to see the same person more than once.

Why does your boss not like them? How serious are corneal ulcers and can they happen with soft lenses?

chipmonkey Wed 21-Sep-16 19:11:38

It may not be the cornea getting scratched, there is a possibility that the inner surface of the eyelid is irritated and inflamed which feels awful but isn't actually serious. Have they everted the eyelids to check?
My boss isn't keen, not because she thinks they're a bad thing but more because they require a lot of chairtime for the patient and she doesn't think there's enough demand to send one of us off to be trained to fit them.
A corneal ulcer can be very serious but to be fair, I am not sure that optoms in the UK and Ireland have had this problem with patients.
Ulcers are generally rare these days. They can occur with badly fitting lenses or with poor patient hygiene, and since daily/monthly soft lenses became the norm, we rarely see them. In the old days of long-life soft which were worn for a year, they were far more common.

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