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Trapped nerve in shoulder

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alwaysfancywine Tue 20-Sep-16 15:00:56

Jesus - the pain! Never known anything like it, except childbirth! Had 2 sessions with physio which frankly makes it feel worse (she said that's to be expected - really?). Am taking 2 neurofen and 2 Panadol every 4 hours and 2 codeine at night. Physio said she thinks I need a pain blocker injection into the spine and In order to claim for the this id have to show that I've had 3 sessions with her. Am having the 3rd one tomorrow. The pain is now more down my arm - severe dull ache, tingling and numb fingers. I would like to know if anyone has any words of wisdom on what to do next, how to manage this, am I doing the right thing? Thanks sooo much!

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