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Can I ask about thyroxine levels?

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insan1tyscartching Tue 20-Sep-16 12:24:25

Ds has been having monthly blood tests to check the levels of a prescribed asthma medication. Last month his level was 4.6 which GP described as borderline, this month it's 1.4 but he has been offered no treatment just a repeat blood test as usual.
Is it normal for levels to fluctuate so rapidly? What would be the point where treatment is required? Ds has put on a lot of weight (not helped by steroids for asthma) and is regularly exhausted (again not helped by severe asthma) but couldn't this also be due to his low thyroxine levels?

FeedMeAndTellMeImPretty Tue 20-Sep-16 12:53:45

Presuming the level was for TSH then 1.4 is a better level than 4.6 - anything over 5 is usually considered hypothyroid although sometimes not treated until over 10*.

Fluctuations could be due to having the test at a different time of day etc so on it's own probably nothing to worry about and at least the GP is offering another test at some point to keep an eye on it.

Hope your DS feels better soon.

*disclaimer - I presume this is similar for children, I know about adult levels but not so much about children.

booox Tue 20-Sep-16 16:19:12

I believe there can be brief wobbles to thyroid function after steroids. They may be keeping a check to see if it's within reasonable limits. That was borderline but it seems to have adjusted or be on the way to adjusting naturally.

I don't know much more about it though or long term things.

I hope ds is better soon .

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