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Support at home for terminal illness - Rights info needed

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Scottishgymnast Mon 19-Sep-16 20:28:56

My darling daddy has end stage terminal cancer. He has recently been discharged home and we have personal care support from hospice. However other than that there is no support for him and my mum. He cannot be left alone at home and so my mum is unable to leave him unless I am there to take the dogs for a walk or to go to the chemist.

I need to know what we should be entitled to as this doesn't feel enough support at all.

All they have suggested is for us to pay for Carers.

hairymuffet Mon 19-Sep-16 23:31:07

Try the marie curie service.
Your district nurse may be able to refer him
They can provide someone to sit with him
Don't delay, it can take a while to get it up and running

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