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Migraine- finding cause v medication

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Toomanypegs Mon 19-Sep-16 18:28:05

Just been to my gp re current migraine problem. Fairly frequent headaches (weekly) and currently taking sumatriptan. I seem to be taking them a lot though and I have been trying to eliminate causes.
I don't drink, am careful with sugar/sugary drinks and caffeine. I don't lie in at weekends in case it's sleep pattern related. I currently still have a headache that started on Friday and turned full-on ugly migraine on Sunday.
Went to my gp to see if there is a migraine clinic or similar I could attend to try and identify the cause but I just came away with a load more tablets sad
He said there was no way of knowing the cause, if indeed there is one, and the only thing was to take meds all the time to stop them happening.
Quite depressed about this.
Anybody any experience of this? Was hoping the end result would be less meds not more and every day.

PandoNoPants Mon 19-Sep-16 20:23:51

I kept a diary of when mine flare up. They started in pregnancy with DS and then got really bad whilst pregnant with DD. For me, the biggest trigger is hormones (I'd get a week long aura before my period) followed by stress, dehydration and the weather - rainy gloomy days are my worst enemy, no idea why!

I'm now on the mini pill and since June, my migraines have calmed right down.

Did your gp say they won't refer you to a migraine clinic? I know how you feel and especially trying to avoid rebound headaches etc. Can you see a different gp at the same surgery and push for a referral?

Before I got my diagnosis, I ended up seeing a neurologist privately for a one off appointment. It was expensive but I needed to rule out a few other conditions. They passed the info on to my gp and I went from there.

I hope they will refer you. x

Toomanypegs Mon 19-Sep-16 20:29:35

Thanks for your reply.
When I asked about a migraine clinic that's when he shook his head and said nobody knows what causes migraines and gave me the prescriptions.
I think your suggestion about seeing another doctor there is a good one, I will make an appointment with them and say I've thought about it but I can't take all these meds every day.

Narnian Mon 19-Sep-16 20:30:54

I really feel for you OP. I've suffered with migraines for 25 years but they don't sound anywhere near as bad as yours and mine are resolved with Zolmitriptan.

The only cause I have ever found is if I have been really stressed or upset, when I am calmer I will get one. The second I walked into the reception after my dad's funeral I was practically floored by one.

This is only 1% of the time though. I think you need to push for a referral to a migraine clinic but I appreciate that it's not that easy.

Coincidentally, I had to take six year old DD to GP today as she is complaining of auras. Curse these bloody genes 😠

triballeader Tue 20-Sep-16 09:10:11

I am under a Headache Clinic for chronic migraine and cluster headaches......and even there no one knows the cause of migraine. For some its clearly hormonal but when your notching 1-3 a week its a whole other exhausting ball game.

GP's should be following the BASH Guidelines [I think they may be in the process of updating as there PDF is down] and NICE CKS [here: ]

Weekly migraine that is proving to be resistant to preventative treatments via your GP, are unusually severe/ prolonged or just plain eating your entire life should be ref'd to a Headache Clinic. Migraine Action and Migraine Talk should be able to signpost you to your nearest clinic.
Its important to keep a migraine diary be it an app; Migraine Buddy seems pretty good, or on paper. This will help a doctor to help you by looking at the pattern your migraines take.

Some meds work for some people but if your at the point you think your likely to dissolve if you get in a bath from all the drugs your on you do need help from a specialist. The NICE and BASH guidelines should help you argue your case.

In most cases a single or couple of visits to a headache clinic armed with a headache diary can quickly resolve things.

Some forms of migraine esp when mixed with other headache disorders are preventative treatment resistant and complex to manage. If you turn out to have a chronic form of migraine or migraine plus other nasty primary headache disorders headache clinics tend to hang on to you and see you frequently and you might even get your own specialist nurse you can call between appointments if things get bad.

Good luck and I hope the next GP you see is more helpful and willing to refer.

Toomanypegs Tue 20-Sep-16 19:07:08

Thank you so much everyone. I've decided to keep a diary for three months and then go back to my gp.
I feel loads better today so I can look at it more calmly.

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Tue 20-Sep-16 19:12:54

Dehydration is a big trigger for me.

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