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Would having haemoglobin level of 102 make me feel like this?

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Puddingandcustard Fri 16-Sep-16 16:19:43

I am pregnant, and a little anemic, but I can't even make it up a flight of stairs without feeling puffed out!

Seriously, I have no energy to play with my other DCs and my work is suffering.

I keep trying to walk a bit and do pregnancy fitness, but it makes me dizzy and exhausted.

I've never been so unfit!

Could there be something else? Or is this just anemia and pregnancy?

I'm taking x2 ferrous fumerate and one spatone a day. It doesn't seem to be helping, but I'm keeping on. (Since I started this, my levels have dropped from 105 to 102. No one tells me my iron stores, only haemoglobin.)

Worried I won't have much energy for the birth or post!

Do you think I should ask for more tests? Or an iron transfusion?

Tidythatmess Fri 16-Sep-16 18:18:30

My haemoglobin goes between 98 and 105 (also pregnant) and I am exactly the same. Can't walk upstairs without getting breathless, palpitations and have no energy and am white as a sheet.

Have been told by several midwives that the iron tablets will take a few weeks to kick in and for me to feel better. So fed up not having energy.

Puddingandcustard Fri 16-Sep-16 18:28:35

Oh gosh, tidy, I'm sorry that you're feeling so rubbish - but also kind of glad I'm not the only one! And that perhaps my tiredness is just anemia and pregnancy. Argh! I miss energy!

How long have you been on your tablets for?

Has anyone mentioned an iron infusion to you? No one has to me, but I'm just wondering about them...

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