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Crying at EVERYTHING! Ideas?

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YesIlikePinaColadas Thu 15-Sep-16 14:03:52

Have nc for this because certain bits are quite identifying!

So I've never been much of a crier - crying has always just given me a headache and doesn't fix anything anyway so I tend to avoid it.

But in the last few weeks it's like I have no control over my tear ducts at all which is starting to get fairly embarrassing. Yesterday at work I burst into tears after someone showed me a really cute baby hat we'd been sent in hmm It's just constant and I would really like for it to stop.

Things I have ruled out:
I'm not pregnant
I don't feel depressed
Nor do I feel stressed out/anxious
I have been on the pill I use for a long time so don't think it's that

I emailed my practise's nurse today and she's told me that it's normal and nothing to be concerned about but to keep a diary for a couple of months and if I can't link it to anything to let them know and they'll discuss running some tests.

For a lot of people it might be normal but it definitely isn't for me and I'm finding it so frustrating! Has anyone experienced anything like this/does anyone have any tips for how to stop involuntarily tearing up at every bloody little thing?

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