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Do you think the doctor will let me back on combined pill?

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Emgem88 Thu 15-Sep-16 10:28:52

Went through a spate of having migraines whilst at my old job (worst time ever) and living with my ex.

Doctors took me off combined and put me on mini pill (micronor) which I have put up with for around 2 years. Finally decided to stop taking it to see if I felt better mood wise and honestly the difference is incredible, I feel like a different person, content, confident and happy again.

I have been using condoms but my bf and I really hate them/cost. I was fine on the combined pill apart from migraines which I put down to my previous circumstances e.g bad job/terrible relationship.

However have heard doctors won't let me due to history of migraines?

Just wondered if anyone has had migraines and returned to combined pill?

Aquamarine70 Thu 15-Sep-16 15:27:53

I think it's migraines with aura that they worry about as I think it can be linked to having strokes. I'mint sure if they will prescribe the combined pill. Could you try a copper coil?

Emgem88 Thu 15-Sep-16 16:21:06

Don't like the thought of a coil and in process of waiting for cervical biopsies right now so not wanting to mess with cervix.

Doctor wouldn't give me combined pill she swapped me to Norgeston which is apparently a different hormone to micronor with less side effects so we will see.

Thanks for replying hun x

Aquamarine70 Thu 15-Sep-16 16:32:35

Hopefully the new pill will be better for you. I had the mirena coil & hated it. I can't take any hormonal methods due to depression & migraines. DH has had the snip so it's not a problem now.

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