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Possible prolapse

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proudmummyoftwo Mon 12-Sep-16 22:03:27

TMI WARNING and a long post

So I had 2 uncomplicated normal vaginal deliveries with no issues. Both fast deliveries with no tears. I have a rectocele (excuse spelling) because I can see a visible bulge in my vagina and also occasionally have to push on perineum when going for number 2 ( as I said, TMI post)

I'm concerned about possible uterine prolapse. My cervix feels very low (I use the moon cup device so I have to do a bit of rooting) but my cervix is easily felt about an inch in. Never noticed this before. But also when having sex with DH it can be quite uncomfortable to start with (he is rather well endowed) until he kinda moves everything back to where I can only assume it should be?

I've had a smear since my kids and the nurse never mentioned it but don't wanna go docs if it's normal after vaginal births.

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Mon 12-Sep-16 22:08:43

It is common, unfortunately. However there are steps you can take to stop it getting any worse, which, having been there myself and ending up having surgery I wish I'd known about. Go to your GP and ask to be referred to the women's health physio. They can give you a tailored routine of pelvic floor exercises and lots of lifestyle advice which will go a long way towards keeping it manageable.

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