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Significant bleeding 5 days post tooth extraction?

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AhAgain Mon 12-Sep-16 20:43:15

Posted a thread a few days ok re very slight bleeding following tooth extraction. It did settle down and didn't have any more issues, until about 6.30 tonight. Then significant bleeding with no provocation (from extraction site of healthy lower second pre-molar). Significant thick, red blood.

No-one is answering my dentist's "out of hours" mobile (left message almost two hours ago). Phoned 111. There are no NHS "out of hours" dental facilities in this (small) city or the next (large) city. There are no dental facilities at the local A&E. The only point of going to an A&E is for a transfusion. They say just keep biting on the gauze and add to the gauze as necessary. And then, I guess, see the dentist in the morning (unless things change rapidly).

What wonderful timing.

AhAgain Mon 12-Sep-16 21:12:58

If any dentists read this, should I really keep the same guard pad in all night (still biting it).

Part of me worries that if I stop biting I will start to bleed again. Another part of me worries that - if I don't try to change it - this one will get stuck or I will swallow it if I try to sleep (should I sleep whilst biting a gauze pad?).

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