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Pregnancy with asthma

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violetsunflower Mon 12-Sep-16 16:42:24

Hi, I'm only fairly newly diagnosed with asthma and yet to have a winter with it under control. My triggers are viruses etc and cold air. Possibly exercise slightly. No allergies. However, I think I'm of the cough variety; my peak flow doesn't go below 350 though my lungs feel horrendous when it's bad.

Ds1 was iugr- I'm wondering if it was a factor. I had a very healthy placenta but small. I'm now 39 and considering ttc again though am in thyroxine and have some hypermobile joint issues (which were better when preg; it was afterwards!)

Is there anything I need to know about pregnancy and asthma? Should I be seeking info before ttc? I'm on a brown inhaler.

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