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post birth problems

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corbymumof2 Mon 12-Sep-16 13:39:19

hi all, i was after a bit of advice regarding post birth (4 years) problems, and would be grateful for any advice offered. #im a new member and this is my first post so please bear with me smile i had my youngest dd 4 and a half years ago but (sorry tmi alert) the midwife did a rather poor job of stitching up the mess he had made and my stitches fell out the next day, when they were checked by visiting midwife at home she told me to see if it heals ok without them, well it didn't and now i'm left with the massive tear which has now healed, leaving my what i assume vaginal walls on display, so i was wondering if or how i would go about getting reconstructive surgery to correct this problem? it causes a lot of uncomfort because i can only lie on my stomach or back otherwise a lot of air collects up there leaving me with a uncomfortable feeling and obvs. when i move it comes out again. when i was in labour the male midwife got a bit knife happy with the scalpel and cut me from one end right up to the other requiring a lot of stitching needing done on both ends, so to make matters worse i have a deformed lady garden and the other end was also sewn too tight resulting in tearing and bleeding and pain whenever i go for a bowel movement. any advice would be gratefully appreciated, i sincerely apologize for the excessive amount of too much information, but ive already seen my dr who did not actually examine me so was no use in the situation i am in now, thanks in advance.

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